Autonomous Systems

Safe, efficient intralogistics: driverless shuttle plus autonomous loading and unloading.

The central benefit of modern intralogistics is optimized safety through efficient automated processes. TRAPO uses autonomous systems in combination for loading trucks or containers with pallets. Automated, driverless pallet transfer between production and loading ramp is handled by shuttle swarms.

Autonomous Systems: Protect and relieve personnel in the transport sector

The innovative TRAPO Loading System (TLS 3600) is a high-tech vehicle with laser scanners for detecting the truck’s contour, which thanks to rear-wheel steering is able to automatically compensate for slight tilting of the truck.

In combination with automated guided vehicles (AGVs), it replaces forklift transports between production, warehouse and loading zone.

This automation relieves personnel in the transport sector, increases safety and requires little space. This is because the TLS – optionally placed on rails or moved by the TRAPO Moving System (TMS series) – can serve several hubs.

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