Sorting and distribution technology

High-performance sorter: direct routes
between warehouse and loading

Modern sortation and distribution systems act at the heart of distribution. With the TRAPO Omni Sorter (TOS Series) and the TRAPO Sphere Sorter (TSS Series), TRAPO offers two highly-flexible solutions that help maintain supply chains without disruptions even in challenging times.

Sorter systems control complex flows of goods

In a globalized world where producers and end consumers are often separated by continents and time zones, logistics plays a crucial role. Only with well-functioning distribution is it possible for complex transport chains with various (intermediate) stations to interlock seamlessly.

The use of sorters is always advantageous when product units originating from one or more sources have to be distributed to one or even more destinations. In distribution centers, sorters point goods in the right direction, ensure an uninterrupted flow of materials and perform connecting functions in the logistics process chain. With their help, goods can be separated according to orders, sorted, brought together and finally assigned to the right destination.

Application range of flexible sorter systems

Direct routes between warehouse and loading: Thanks to their modular design, TRAPO GmbH sorter systems can be optimally adapted to given on-site conditions. They offer flexible and multiple configuration possibilities within the production areas. The result is an optimal use of space and a smooth onward transport of the goods.

Areas of application include goods-receiving, for example, when unloading trucks or containers for onward transport of products to the warehouse, the order picking area for batch picking, and the goods issue area for tour compilation and truck loading.

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