Gripper technology

The perfect gripper for every product

The handling of objects is the central task of the robot systems. The robot grippers used are precisely adapted to the object’s properties – gripper technology is developed and tested in the TRAPO technical center.

The use of the optimal gripper developed by TRAPO is crucial when it comes to sustainably increasing performance and quality.

Key to the robot’s success is individual gripper technology

TRAPO offers maximum flexibility when it intelligently automates intralogistics tasks – in the perfect interplay of conveyor systems, robots and customized gripper technology. Product-specific gripper technology perfects the application possibilities, function and performance of a robot system.

Greifertechnologie TRAPO GmbH TRAPO expertise: Multifunctional grippers - precisely matched to product and industry.
Greifertechnologie TRAPO GmbH Reliable fork grabs - even for large and heavy weights.
Mechanischer Greifer Patented special gripper for small load carriers.

Grippers for every requirement

Combination grippers - the multi-purpose ones

Combination grippers combine the performance of the vacuum gripper with that of the mechanical gripper. Decisive when several tasks have to be performed or limited space is available. They adapt to different products and additionally grip pallets, workpiece carriers, intermediate layers or lids.

Mechanischer Greifer
Mechanical grippers - the power packs

Mechanical grippers are particularly suitable where products cannot or must not be sucked in. As clamping grippers or as gentle-gripping, positive-locking grippers, they have a firm grip on your product even under heavy acceleration.

Fork grippers - the conveyors

Retracting fork grippers handle open containers or large bags. The products are picked up on their underside. The design of this gripper allows products to be picked up from the roller conveyor.

Vacuum grippers - the efficiency enhancers

Smooth, sensitive and air-impermeable goods are safely picked up and conveyed by large-area grippers using a vacuum pump. Handling weights are increased by the number of suction cups and suitable vacuum generation.

Magnetic grippers - the robust ones

Magnetic grippers for ferromagnetic materials obtain their holding force from permanent or electromagnets. In use at TRAPO, for example, in the high-performance layer depalletizer. The permanent magnet is moved by pneumatics. This enables it to securely grip the magnetic workpieces and place them back down again in an optimum manner. Magnetic grippers are wear-resistant and only require a suitable surface on the product to be able to grip it.

Needle grippers - the filigree

Needle grippers optimize the handling of dimensionally stable or air-permeable goods, for example textiles, rock wool, rubber sheets or fabrics of different thicknesses.

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