Gantry robots

Powerful robots: high-performance portal systems

High-performance portal systems from operate on two or three linear axes in cubic space. The gantry robots are designed and manufactured in the company’s own production facility in Gescher-Hochmoor.

Portals show their strength, for example, when heavy parts within a line are lifted across the entire work area in a way that is gentle on the product and material, in order to pass several machining centers.

TRAPO is a specialist in portal robots from its own stainless steel production, developed and produced for special applications in areas with special requirements for hygiene and corrosion resistance.


Portal palletizers operate over production lines

Powerful portals lift the heaviest workpieces. As a result, no additional space is taken up for industrial palletizers within given production. TRAPO portals reliably perform palletizing and depalletizing tasks for various stackable workpieces. Their height is adapted to the spatial conditions.

The portal palletizers move at dynamic speeds that are gentle on the product when picking up and placing high payloads from the conveyor line.
Different, individual robot grippers are possible in combinations for the portal palletizer – developed by TRAPO for the respective task.


  • Gentle product handling
  • Suitable for various packages and load carriers
  • Large working space due to cartesian axes
  • Flexible in length, height and width
  • On request: suitable for clean rooms
  • Higher weights can be realized as special design on request
  • Intermediate layer designs

Technical details

  • HPS 100 (moves workpieces up to 100 kg)
  • HPS 250 (moves workpieces up to 250 kg)
  • HPS 500 (moves workpieces up to 500 kg)

Load capacity:
100-500 kg depending on version

customized adaptation

Power supply:
400 V

Portal robots operate on two or three linear axes in cubic space

Modular design; flexible in length, height and width

Large working space due to cartesian axes

For the care sector in stainless steel design

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