Robot palletizer

Articulated arm robots: high-performance robot systems

4- or 6-axis jointed-arm robots operate flexibly: The high-performance systems palletize, sort, load, charge, and pick single pieces, rows, partial layers, or complete layers quickly and with high precision.

TRAPO’s High Speed Robot Systems (HRS series), articulated robots mounted on rails or automated guided vehicles, provide the decisive plus in flexibility. They move to different palletizing stations on demand and, depending on the application, can be MRC-capable.


Robotic palletizers provide support within the production line

Palletizing robots provide consistently high performance – and in the process make the first, important contribution to securing palletized loads so that goods survive intermodal transport undamaged.
Articulated-arm robots offer probably the most economical way of safely palletizing goods – especially cartons. The basis is a standard industrial robot that is individually equipped with TRAPO gripper technology.
In order to sustainably increase production, the robotic palletizer can be implemented in existing production architecture. It is adapted to the respective palletizing task, different payloads and containers.


  • low space requirements
  • For different applications
  • Flexible use
  • For different packages and load carriers
  • Gentle product handling
  • Freely-selectable layer patterns
  • Placed on rails or AGVs, the jointed-arm robot moves to different palletizing stations
  • On request: suitable for clean rooms

Technical details

All types of robots from all manufacturers can be used

all common robots

up to 1 t payload

Power supply:
400 V

Flexible 4- or 6-axis jointed-arm robots

Application-oriented, flexible combination of the optimally complementary technical features of high-performance palletizer and robot

Placed on rails or a TTS series automated guided vehicle, the jointed-arm robot moves to different palletizing stations

For the care sector in stainless steel design

Modular design:
Highest adaptability to product characteristics

Individual gripper technology for different packages and load carriers: in-house gripper development and production

Freely selectable layer patterns

Multifunctional application:
Palletizing – Sorting – Loading – Picking

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