TRAPO palletizers: high efficiency and transport safety

Our robotic applications and palletizers optimise your palletizing and depalletizing processes in the long term, secure your products for intermodal transport and are adapted to the specified production environment in terms of mechanical and control technology.

Depending on your product, you decide which palletiser is right for you: layer palletizer, robot palletizer or a gantry with which you can lift even the heaviest goods.

With the help of individual robot grippers, the palletizing performance is optimally adapted to different packages and load carriers of all industries – regardless of shape, dimensions and surface condition.

It goes without saying that palletizers feature a high degree of automation and simple operation, which ensure trouble-free operation. Flexible, reliable and efficient, TRAPO’s high-performance palletizing systems also adapt to frequently changing products and packing patterns.

What tasks does a palletizer perform?

Optimal palletizing technology forms the reliable basis for safe goods dispatch.

After layer formation, TRAPO palletizers offer a solution for every industry: precise handling, gentle on the product and always with exact stack formation. The flexible palletising technology of the TRAPO layer palletiser is not only recommended for every product, but also for every working environment.

Our palletizers operate in an energy-saving and low-noise manner. TRAPO palletising technology is appreciated by operators for its easy handling and high performance.

What is a layer palletizer?

Automatically controlled layer palletizers can palletize large volumes of cartons, sacks or totes at maximum performance – the TRAPO sales team will be happy to advise you!

A layer palletizer is easy to operate and highly flexible. With the layer palletizer, the complete layer is prepared according to the specifications and placed on the pallet in one step – layer by layer, until the desired stacking height is reached.

What is a palletizing robot?

Fast cycle times and consistently high quality: palletizing robots are part of everyday production in automated environments. With gantries, high payloads can be palletised, while the jointed-arm robot can be used flexibly at any position. They are completed with robotic grippers – especially efficient multifunctional grippers that eliminate the need to change grippers and thus save additional time.

Automated guided vehicles plus palletizers

Our automated guided vehicles of the TTS series can be equipped with attachments depending on the order. For example, with MRK robots for palletizing. MRK stands for human-robot collaboration and means that man and machine work together and side by side without a safety fence.
In this way, we combine two requirements in one system: spatial flexibility and high palletizing performance.

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