Palletizer secure your products for intermodal transport

Your products are safe with us: With precise layer formation and careful palletizing, we lay the foundation for your products to arrive safely at their destination. Primary and secondary packaging such as cartons, trays, buckets and more are palletized and depalletized at top performance. Your goods determine the requirements for the palletizing system and we secure them for intermodal transport.

Palletizing systems: high efficiency and transport safety

Our robotic applications and palletizing systems sustainably optimize your palletizing and depalletizing processes and are adapted to the given production environment in terms of mechanical and control technology.

Depending on your product, you can choose a layer palletizer, jointed-arm robot or gantry to lift even the heaviest goods. With the help of individual robot grippers, the palletizing performance is optimally adapted to different packages and load carriers from all industries – regardless of shape, dimensions and surface properties.

It goes without saying that palletizing solutions feature a high degree of automation and simple operation to ensure trouble-free operation. Flexible, reliable and efficient, the high-performance palletizing systems from TRAPO also adapt to frequently changing products and packing patterns.

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