Equipment options for palletizers

Optimal securing of pallets through additional options

Whether it’s a short transport route or intermodal transport: We create the conditions so that your products are optimally packaged for their journey! Before transport by truck, rail or sea freight in a container, the goods stacked on pallets must be secured.

The basis for this is careful layer formation, followed by exact layer formation before the pallet load is secured against external influences by the wrapper. The layer pattern is based on the requirements of the product and the industry.

Benefit from numerous equipment options and customer-specific additional modules for our palletizers. The range of load-securing equipment is supplemented by additional modules that enable the traceability of goods.

TRAPO load-securing ensures optimal securing of the load through various transport securing systems – with minimal use of film.

TRAPO convinces in pallet handling with worldwide expertise – choose between different, coordinated modules in the additional options!

Benefit from our numerous equipment options and customized add-on modules:

  • Pallet handling
  • Layer detection
  • Bag racking
  • Empty pallet magazine
  • Layer pad applicator
  • Gluing system
  • Scales
  • Metal detectors
  • Labeling systems


  • Tailored to product and industry
  • For all transport modes
  • Traceability of the goods
  • Various transport security
  • Resource-saving
  • Worldwide expertise

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