Mixtray formation with picker

Automated forming of mixed trays

Consumers take the choice on mixing trays for granted: a tray with six varieties of soup to choose from, a bar with 30 yogurts, or a tray with three varieties of instant coffee – they fulfill customer wishes at a glance. For the manufacturer, it used to be a challenge: employees manually packed mixed trays from single-variety trays according to instructions.

This is now done by the fully automated TRAPO picker line – adaptable to all industries:

  • Articulated robots depalletize the single-sort trays and place them on the sorting line.
  • Delta pickers pick up the cans one after the other and form them into the desired tray combination according to the specifications.
  • A high-performance gantry inserts the tray combination into an existing tray.
  • This is followed by palletizing of the mixing trays


  • Hardware and software for depalletizer robotics, gripper, picker line and palletizer from a single source.
  • Sustainable solutions for multiple tray usage
  • Flexibly adaptable to any industry
  • Applicable to all performance ranges
  • Modular system
  • In-house gripper development and production
  • Picker cell can be expanded at any time
  • Automated forming of mixed trays

Sustainable customized solution

As a partner for automation, it is the high demand of the TRAPO specialists to combine efficiency, personal and product safety as well as sustainability.

For a partner in the food industry, the depalletized trays were not sent for recycling, but were made available at the end of the line via conveyor technology. These trays are then used as a secondary source for the finished mixing trays. This cycle of multiple use saves valuable resources and reduces costs.

Mixtray formation with kinematics

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