Research and Development

Research and development at the TRAPO Technical Center

Research and development play a central role at TRAPO Technical Center. At the heart of the innovations: autonomously acting systems that offer maximum efficiency and repeatability with minimal space requirements. Our creative, dedicated employees build on their knowledge and skills from numerous, successful projects.

We know the industry-specific requirements for the future of international plant engineering. In a digital, highly-networked world with a high degree of personal individualization, the wealth of product variants is increasing sharply. Systems must respond to this product diversity with a high degree of flexibility and universal plant design. That’s why we focus our technology portfolio and core competencies on proactively developing ever newer flexible and modular solutions that represent an optimum for your material flow in production and logistics – long before the market demands it.

Your safety advantage:

In order to consistently improve processes, overall systems, conveyor lines and automation, we offer our customers in-house test runs.

  • This gives you security – long before the system is installed at your site.
  • By developing innovative solutions, we generate decisive advantages for you.
  • We run test runs with your products and take responsibility for perfect handling in your production.

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