Pick and Place with articulated arm or delta-robot

Maximum freedom for pick and place applications

As a complete line provider, TRAPO designs and installs modular pick and place applications that combine components such as robots, robot grippers, frame units, camera systems and conveyor technology.

The modular system can be adapted to different framework conditions and thus covers almost every area of application. TRAPO automates pick and place processes with individual gripper technology. Depending on the task, any number of delta or jointed-arm robots can be used.


  • High flexibility and performance
  • Modular system
  • In-house gripper development and production
  • Picker cell can be expanded at any time
  • Special hygienic design
  • Flexible feeding of trays
Delta-Roboter Mischtraybildung Conveyor lines feed cans by type and the pickers re-pack them.
Delta-Roboter Mischtraybildung seitlich Absolute repeatability and precision when picking primary-packed food products.
Mischtray-Bildung mit Deltarobobter Perfectly packaged for the retail trade: Mixed tray combinations are individually assembled according to manufacturer specifications.

Technical details

Modular design of the high-performance picker line; can be expanded at any time

Hygienic design:
Parts are coated for the food industry

No interfaces:
Gripper and kinematics from a single source; only one control software for the kinematics

Individual gripper technology:
In-house gripper development and production

Multifunctional application:
take out – transfer – sort – pack

Maximum freedom for pick and place applications

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