Digital Support

Digital support: spare parts management, maintenance, retrofit, and training

We already offer you all essential services: Digital Support from TRAPO. With Digital Support, service tools support the team on site during maintenance or commissioning so that customers and project partners can carry out all the necessary steps under guidance with the aid of VR glasses.

Via video chat, users on the customer´s side and TRAPO specialists find each other. The advantage of remote control is not limited to commissioning, but can be extended to retrofit situations and repair scenarios.

  • Spare parts management
    The TRAPO service team receives inquiries and requests through a ticket system as an online transaction file; response and resolution are also digital. Standard spare parts are stored in TIM. Spare parts are also ordered at the click of a mouse via TIM’s shopping cart
  • Maintenance & Servicing
    TIM visualizes, monitors and controls plants – and simplifies maintenance and servicing through this digital transparency. Evaluations, status queries and production figures are provided on a user-dependent basis. Based on this information, optimizations in production can be easily implemented as part of predictive maintenance and contribute to achieving maximum performance on the machine.
  • Training
    Live instruction, HMI simulations, training videos – as individual as the plant in question – and virtual inspection of individual components are available digitally for customers.
  • Retrofit & Upgrades with TIM, the TRAPO Intelligent Managementsystem, we monitor and control the digital support of partial and complete plants. There, we collect basic data that enable targeted evaluations and plant optimization as a result.

TIM informs

  • provides information on equipment, plant components and plant conditions
  • analyzes count and measured values as well as operating times
  • Provides access to the company’s complex service knowledge: online service documents, up-to-date manuals, FAQs as well as interactive instructions for the HMI operating level.

Your advantages:

  • Process simulation / digital twin
  • Remote factory acceptance test
  • Remote startup
  • Continuous data comparison – higher utilization and efficiency of the plants
  • Plant-specific evaluation – NIO function
  • Worldwide data presence through TIM; evaluations available, web-based.

Further information

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