As TRAPO AG we live sustainability across departments and hierarchies

A four-metre high sculpture has found its place on the premises of TRAPO AG. The Italian artist Angelo Monitillo used remnants: punched out and lasered remnants from the production process. His tool: the welding machine. His theme: the encounter between man and robot. At the same time, the representative sculpture is a symbol of TRAPO AG's sustainability efforts. "Sustainability is not a new topic in our company, but rather one that has grown out of tradition and is lived across departments and hierarchies", Volker Kugel, CEO of TRAPO AG, sums it up. Numerous initiatives in the area of sustainability can be traced back to his commitment.


Our understanding of sustainability

Our understanding of sustainability

We are Blue Competence Partners

We are Blue Competence Partners



  • Environmental protection is an important corporate task and thus an integral part of our corporate goals.
  • A central aspect is the maintenance of the health of all employees.
  • We are constantly looking for new opportunities to optimize environmental protection and at the same time strengthen the profitability of the company. These include the sustainable, economical use of resources and the continuous improvement of ecological and economic efficiency.
  • We regard environmental protection as an important management task and ensure that it is implemented at all levels in the form of concrete goals, measures and rules of conduct.
  • We regard the statutory provisions as minimum requirements and will take measures that go beyond these where technically possible and economically justifiable.
  • For example, we design workpieces and production lines in which we use resource-conserving drive technologies in the area of energy management and deliberately manufacture components from environmentally friendly materials.

We are "Blue Competence" partners — and proud of it!

The current developments in research and development also reflect the understanding of sustainability and give investors a clear signal: As a partner in industrial automation, TRAPO AG offers worldwide complete line solutions for production and intralogistics for more efficiency, less resource consumption and higher safety.

Act with foresight — save CO2 and manpower

An e-mobile stands for rethinking the fleet, the use of 100% green electricity for living environmental management, digital solutions help to save CO2 and manpower. Membership in the VDMA initiative "Blue Competence" was only logical and the commitment to the sustainability principles a matter of honor.

Sustainability principles of mechanical and plant engineering

PREAMBLE: Our understanding of future-oriented sustainability is based on the principles of economic success, fairness, respect & responsibility and encompasses the dimensions of society, ecology & economy.


1. Sustainability is an essential part of our corporate strategy.
2. With sustainable business models we create stable values and ensure entrepreneurial success.
3. Our technology and solutions promote sustainable development worldwide.


4. Sustainable thinking and acting is reflected in our processes and products.
5. We act in a resource-conserving manner and are committed to climate protection.
6. Our employees are our most valuable asset. We promote commitment and participation opportunities.
7. We are committed to the observance of human rights.


8. Our company is living space.
9. We assume social responsibility in our regions.
10. We do what we promise!


11. We cultivate an active exchange with all participants.
12. We communicate our sustainable activities transparently.

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