High-Speed Layer Depalletizer

Sustainably increase depalletizing performance for empty cans and jars

The HLDP series high-performance layer depalletizer for cans and empty jars is the fastest in the world at 90,000 units per hour. Also a novelty in this performance class: The system is operated completely at ground level – a second operating level by means of a platform is avoided.

TRAPO designs and installs fully-automated depalletizing lines. They enable a complete layer of empty cans or jars of different sizes – optionally 100, 200, 400, 600 or 800g – to be gripped on pallets up to three meters high and to be safely depalletized and loaded as a complete layer in one work-step.

A lifting column in combination with a magnetic gripper is used.


  • Output: up to six 6 layers per minute
  • For empty cans (tinplate, aluminum) and empty jars
  • Modular system
  • For empty glass: no broken glass in further production due to vacuum
  • Level operation
  • Pallet formats: all common formats (Euro, industrial, CHEP etc.)
  • TTS Ready Shuttle connection
  • Sustainably increase depalletizing performance for empty cans and jars
Depalettierer Complex, fully automated depalletizing line for food cans.
Depalettierer TRAPO AG Magnetic gripper with integrated pneumatic magnetic plate - for maximum holding force
when picking up the total layer.
Lagendepalettierer Empty cans are placed on the conveyor belt and transported for filling.

Technical details

HLDP with magnetic gripper
HLDP with vacuum gripper

Cover frame centering at working level for exact centering of the cover frames before restacking

Highly dynamic Y-Z axis for repeatable pick-up and placement of layers

Pallet magazine for holding empty pallets up to a size of 1250mm x 1150mm incl. cover frame

Modular system

Depalletizing capacity cans: up to six layers per minute – up to 90,000 empty cans per hour

Depalletizing capacity jars: up to four layers per minute, up to 60,000 jars per hour

Power supply: 400V – 50Hz

Bottom discharge (modular system) – top discharge optional

Can be operated at ground level – no platform required

Compact footprint

Empty cans (tinplate, aluminum) and empty glasses possible

With empty glass: no broken glass in subsequent production due to vacuum

Depalletizing of tallpacks up to 3000mm on pallets up to 1250 x 1150mm

Pallet formats: all common formats (Euro, industrial, CHEP, etc.)

For the care sector in stainless steel version

Thorsten Lütke
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