Remote Systems

The TRAPO Remote Support –
for top performance of your plant

Concentrate on your core business! With remote support, our TRAPO team of experts keeps an eye on your systems. We offer secure, continuous online support remotely: monitoring and reporting.

  • We take over maintenance and operation of the IT infrastructure for you.
  • You benefit from the comprehensive knowledge of our expert teams.

Remote infrastructure, support and maintenance are included in the selectable modules offered.

Across countries: teamwork at a distance

In a specific application, our online team at the control station is at your side to evaluate, maintain and service the automated components of your plant. The services provided by the help desk are configured individually to meet the customer’s specific needs. Our service engineers and fitters use remote access to access hardware and software in the virtual environment.
What’s more, we keep an eye on your system 24/7 and provide proactive information, for example, when maintenance is due or when performance drops. So that your systems can deliver the highest performance of plants . in the long term.

Web-based: The Remote Service from TRAPO

The TRAPO system specialist is available to your service personnel on site to install automated systems but also retrofits and to accompany maintenance processes. He knows the system, components and tasks. All services are performed in close coordination with the customer.

Technical tools required:


  • We use TIM, the TRAPO Intelligent Management System, to monitor and control the plant.
  • Desktop communication via internet
  • Visual insight by means of controllable webcams
  • Virtual IBN of the components

Required on-site prerequisites:

  • Cameras
  • WLAN Access Points
  • VR goggles
  • Headset
  • Stable Internet connection

Of course, Remote Support takes into account the legislation of the General Data Protection Regulation.

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