Digital Solutions

Manage value chains and exploit optimization potentials

Customer communication and complex service via virtual reality – Digital Solutions: TRAPO uses the potentials of digital transformation. We have digitized services and processes in TIM, the TRAPO Intelligent Managementsystem, to save time and costs. Processes are monitored, analyzed and permanently optimized.

Digital Solutions optimize automated processes

The more autonomously machines and systems operate, the greater their degree of automation – and thus the achieved safety of processes in production and intralogistics. Whether individual systems and complex processes: automation creates reliability – TRAPO offers digital solutions to define, monitor, evaluate and optimize processes.

Automation as part of the digital revolution

Grown from the fields of mechanical and electrical engineering, automation technology combines engineering science and technology. Our specialist teams combine individual automation concepts with digitalization expertise to ensure consistently high plant performance. To facilitate global communication, eliminate sources of error, permanently ensure quality and guarantee maximum performance, digital solutions are developed for plants, machines and processes – and performance is monitored 24/7. Manage your value chains and exploit optimization potentials.

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