Carton filling with Kinematic

Parallel kinematics:
Z-axis optimizes packing tasks

Carton filling with Kinematic: With individually-designed multifunctional grippers or vacuum cups, the kinematic picker of the TPS series (TRAPO Packing System) can pick up any products weighing up to 10kg to place them in cartons, trays or other containers.

TRAPO uses innovative high-performance kinematics for the further packaging of primary packaging. In the variant with a large radius of action, the picker has a rotationally symmetrical working space thanks to the parallel kinematic design and can reach far behind itself.

The modular system can be used as a high-speed kinematic system with up to 60 parts/minute and payload up to 10kg.

At high speed, it offers an enormous working space: optionally available with two strokes (200mm and 400mm).

Unique worldwide: Packaging with parallel kinematics

The high-performance parallel kinematics of the TPS series consist of a five-link kinematic structure, a Z-axis and a rotary module for orientation. With the help of a camera, the parallel kinematics detects the position of the parts. These are gripped or discharged in the NIO case.


  • Kinematics replaces the conventional application with articulated arm robots
  • Up to 60 picks/min
  • Payload up to 10kg
  • Modular system
  • In-house gripper development and production
  • Axis drive by torque motors
  • Picker cell can be expanded at any time
  • Z-axis optimizes packing tasks
Wahlweise drei oder vier Achsen für Picker-Aufgaben zum Picken oder Kartonverpacken. The kinematic picker is also used for loading cardboard boxes.
Aufsicht des Kinematik-Pickers. Für Anwendungen in Linie arbeiten mehrere Picker nebeneinandr. Designed for packing primary packed products.
Sauggreifer am Kinematik-Picker. TRAPO entwickelt und fertigt Robotergreifer. Designed for packing primary packed products.

Technical details

  • TPS

Kinematics replaces the conventional picker

Parallel kinematics picker with 4 axes

Performance: up to 60 picks/min. per robot (depending on payload)

Payload: up to 10 kg (incl. gripper)

Dead weight: 145 kg

Optional large action radius (800 mm) or large stroke (200 mm)

Power supply: 400V

Energy supply at the media flange for the gripper: pneumatic and electric

Direct drive of the lifting and rotating unit by torque motors

Modular design of the high-performance picker line; can be expanded at any time

No interfaces: Gripper and kinematics from a single source; only one control software for the kinematics

Individual gripper technology: in-house gripper development and production

Multifunctional application: removal – transfer – sorting – packaging

Standard options for carton filling

Picker application for
high performance packing

TRAPO GmbH automates the packaging process: products are packaged at a consistently high speed without any loss of quality. Primary packed goods are handled gently and packed.

Fully-automatic carton erectors and other accessories complement and optimize the automated loading of cartons.

On offer: models with varying outputs, for different carton formats, with side flap spreader as well as glue-closure of the carton bottom or adhesive tape dispenser.


  • Kinematics replaces the conventional application with delta or articulated-arm robots
  • High flexibility and performance
  • In-house gripper development and production
  • Picker cell can be expanded at any time
  • Special hygienic design
  • Flexible feeding of trays

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