Carton filling

Automated task:
Pack primary-packed goods in carton

TRAPO GmbH also automates carton filling and the packaging process here: primary-packed goods are gently placed back into cartons at high-throughput – and thus optimally prepared for transport. The choice is yours: opt for conventional packing or the top performance of the TRAPO Packing System (TPS series).

Carton filling: you have two applications to choose from

High-performance packaging with perfect gripper

Goods are fed in an automated task via conveyor technology in series, pre-grouped or unsorted and packed 24/7 at high-throughput in the top-loading process.

Key to the success of any robot application is the individual robot gripper technology: it influences the performance of the automated application; crucial when it comes to sustainably increasing and ensuring performance and quality. The picker application is oriented to the specified packing pattern. Individual gripper technology supports the respective packaging job.

From its history, TRAPO GmbH is a partner of supply-securing industries such as the food, pharmaceutical and medical technology industries. Industry partners that require competencies in hygienic design.
Picker cells, palletizing components and robot grippers can be designed by TRAPO in such a way that they can be easily cleaned during the daily cleaning processes. Thanks to in-house stainless steel production and more than 50 years of expertise, all components are supplied from his hand here as well.

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