TRAPO Sphere Sorter

Precise forwarding with one meter of travel per second

With the TRAPO Sphere Sorter (TSS series), TRAPO offers a precise sorter for forwarding, turning, distributing and ejecting packages. The basis is a conveyor belt in which spheres are incorporated.

When the ball chain runs from left to right during operation, the balls run with it. This movement results in doubling the speed at which the material is transported on the belt.

The TRAPO Sphere Sorter ensures precise forwarding, rotation, distribution and ejection of packages of various sizes, such as boxes and parcels. It can flexibly rotate and distribute the transported goods to multiple outlets at a speed of up to one meter per second. The sorter can be implemented in any width and length and requires a comparatively small area, as it combines several functions.


  • Any widths and line lengths
  • Small space requirement: different functions on one area
  • Modular system
  • Small pitch of the balls (25.4mm): Conveys even very small products from 75 x 75mm
  • Moves, positions, orients and rotates products simultaneously and independently in any direction
  • No limit to the number of articles that can be moved side by side
  • Distributes and discharges products from multiple in-feed and out-feed lines
  • one meter of travel per second
TRAPO Sphere Sorter TRAPO AG The TRAPO Sphere Sorter bundles various functions in one area while taking up little space.
TRAPO Sphere Sorter TRAPO AG Fast forwarding of conveyed material with the help of a ball belt.
TRAPO Sphere Sorter TRAPO AG Precise conveying, turning, distribution and discharge of packages of various sizes.

Technical details

Ball race:
The chain runs from left to right during operation. This movement results in doubling the conveying speed and the belt conveyors running at the bottom enable discharge.

1 meter per second

Modular belt by 400V geared motors.
Controlling belt conveyors by 24V roller motors or synchronous servo motors

25.4 x 25.4mm (corresponds to the pitch of the ball)

Continuous conveying flow: The conveyed material is not stopped when changing direction.

Gentle conveyed product movements with three degrees of freedom: Products can be moved in any XY direction and rotated around the Z axis.

Any length in width and distance.

For distributing and discharging products from several in-feed and out-feed lines.

Low space requirement, as various functions take place on one surface.

Due to the small pitch of the balls (25.4 mm), it is possible to convey even very small products starting from 75x75mm

No limits to the number of articles that can be moved side by side and independently of each other at the same time

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