Automated guided vehicles

Automated guided vehicles
with customized structure

The use of automated guided vehicles such as the TRAPO Transport Shuttle (TTS series) makes it possible to move pallets flexibly from production or the warehouse to the loading bays. At the same time, the entire area remains free of rigid conveyor technology, enabling flexible use of the space.

The TRAPO Transport Shuttle (TTS), for example, transports loads weighing up to 2000 kg and can be equipped with customer-specific attachments such as an additional conveyor or integrated lifting function, depending on the company’s needs. The Transport Shuttle offers a choice of inductive, autonomous or optical navigation – and thus the widest possible range of applications.

Shuttle plus HRI competence

The combination of an automated guided vehicle and a cobot promises maximum flexibility. Two requirements of the packaging industry are combined in one system: Equipped with an MRK robot, the TRAPO Transport Shuttle (TTS series) is spatially absolutely flexible when the robot is used as an additional hand of the human colleague. It conveys, (de)palletizes, forms exact layers and packs.


  • Replaces and complements rigid conveyor systems – more space and flexibility
  • Various designs, loads and speeds
  • Modular system
  • Mechanically one structure, control-technically one system
  • Single application and as a swarm or fleet
  • Special design Hygienic design
  • Capacity increase via additional TTS, Warehouse Shuttle and LIFT
  • Control and traffic light function via TIM, the TRAPO IntElligent ManagementSystem
TTS mit Kisten Safe pallet transport between production, warehouse and loading dock.
MRK Cobots TRAPO GmbH Shuttle with HRI-capable assistance robot on request.
TTS mit Eimer Flexible shuttles transport different containers such as buckets, bags, cartons and more.

The TRAPO Transport Shuttle in action

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