TRAPO Omni Sorter

TRAPO Omni Sorter as a connecting element between conveyors

The TRAPO Omni Sorter (TOS series) is a convincing sorter system that combines different components: The TOS plus upstream and downstream conveying systems, for example curves or 45⁰-winding.

Its name is derived from the high throughput of up to 5000 packages per hour. As a connecting element between conveyor sections, the TRAPO Omni Sorter can discharge products on both sides. Goods that pass through the TOS are either transported onward by its rollers or discharged by swiveling the rollers to the left or right at an angle of 45⁰ or 30⁰.

Depending on the application and product, the modular design allows multiple configuration options within given production areas. Depending on product dimensions, the pitch and overall dimensions can be adapted to customer requirements.

Advantages of the TRAPO Omni Sorter

  • High-flexibility conveyors with little space requirement
  • Table size is adapted to the customer’s needs
  • Modular system
  • Package capacity of up to 5.000 packages/hr.
  • Moves, positions and orients products simultaneously and independently in any direction
  • High-precision discharge of conveyed products
  • Easy replacement of modules for maintenance

Technical details

  • TOS 5000

Modular design for flexible configuration

Up to 5.000 packages/h

High-performance sorter with +/- 30⁰ or 45°.
Discharge possible to both sides



Distance in X and Y direction between rollers: 70 mm and 76 mm.

Continuous conveying flow:
Conveyed material is not stopped when changing direction.

Table size adjusted to the customer’s needs.

Easy maintenance:
Replacement of the modules

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