Autonomous truck and container loading

TRAPO closes safety gap between warehouse and loading bay

By doing without forklifts in the warehouse and loading area, TRAPO AG defuses this danger zone and realizes the handling of goods with the TRAPO Loading System (TLS 3600) in terms of effective overall logistics safely and with short distances.

The compact, autonomous TRAPO loading system is unique in terms of function and design. The TLS 3600 gets its name from a special feature: It loads three pallets of 1.200 kg each, i.e. 3.600 kg, in parallel in a single operation.

Loading takes place in four steps. First, up to three pallets are placed next to each other in a row on the stationary part of the system and aligned. This is followed by picking up and loading the row.
During the loading process, another row of pallets is formed and made available on the stationary part: a continuous process that saves time and distance and avoids waiting times during pallet loading.

TLS: fast, automated and efficient loading.

One-shot comparison products are permanently installed along a length of about 20 meters, in an area that is limited in space anyway. This is where TRAPO sets a new course: the compact, self-propelled TLS can serve several loading stations. According to requirements and scope, several TLSs operate in the loading zone – for optimum flexibility. Outside the ramp, no structural precautions or personnel are required for the use of the TLS 3600 either on the truck or in the loading zone.


  • Safety at the loading bay – no need for forklift trucks
  • Fully automated for trucks and containers / for any industry
  • Automatic compensation of height differences at the loading ramp
  • Reduction of loading time up to 20 minutes
    (depending on the load/13-meter trailer with 33 pallets pick-up)
  • Special hygienic design

Honored with the Handling Award

Handling Award TRAPO
Beladung TRAPO AG

3 pallets each are positioned next to each other in a row

Beladung TRAPO AG

In the waiting position the row is provided

Beladung TRAPO AG

Loading into the truck or container

The TLS3600 in action

TRAPO Moving System

TRAPO Moving System

The TRAPO Moving System behaves like an XXL load carrier when it completely picks up the TLS and positions it in front of the loading area as required:

  • No structural intervention in warehouse required
  • Eight Mecanum wheels enable movement over a wide area
  • Space-saving due to integrated control box

Technical details

  • TLS 3600 (3,6t payload)

Maximum capacity per loading operation: three pallets of 1.200 kg each.

Vehicle: 4830 x 2200 x 1250 mm
Conveying height: 1,30 m

Maximum capacity per loading operation: three pallets of 1,200 kg each, total 3,600 kg

Unloaded 7.0 t, loaded 10.6 t

Autonomous driving: Laser scanner for contour detection on the loading unit; distance sensors for position detection; rear-wheel steering in the vehicle

Loading time:
Reduction to up to 20 minutes (depending on the load/for a 13-meter trailer holding 33 pallets).

Power supply:

  • Power supply via cable
  • Power supply via capacitor

Cooperation with automated guided vehicles or conventional conveyor technology

No structural modifications to the trailer necessary
Variant for loading containers for overseas goods transport

Different pallet formats can be handled (chemical pallets are placed on the side)

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