A strong team together: humans and robots

Instead of replacing employees, the declared goal of TRAPO AG is to use robots as an additional hand to the human colleague and to sustainably relieve employees, especially in monotonous or dangerous tasks.

Our vision is to improve the living and working conditions of the future with modern automation solutions.
In doing so, MRK robots revolutionize cooperation within production process by isolating sources of error.

When humans and robots perform assembly work together, this optimizes working conditions within production process – and subsequently increases efficiency, flexibility and safety.


  • Assistance robots recognize humans and grip “hand in hand” – without presenting a risk of injury
  • Robots act on mobile tool trolleys of the TTS series
  • Docking to manual workplaces as requiredAssistenzroboter erkennen Menschen und greifen „Hand in Hand“ – ohne ein Verletzungsrisiko darzustellen

Autonomous transport shuttle with cobot attachment

The combination of mobile, collaborative robot (cobot) with specially developed gripper changing systems or individual robot gripper offers additional added value. The mobile duo of transport shuttle and MRK robot relieves the workload exactly where it is needed: for

Conveying, palletizing and depalletizing, precise layer formation and accurate packaging. The MRK solution carries out automated work steps and can be programmed for different tasks.

Cobot reicht Werkstücke
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