Automation competence for the food and beverage industry

Our goal is to develop and optimize your existing and planned manufacturing processes. Tailor-made conveyor technology, pinpoint robot systems and space-saving automation from TRAPO are convincing throughout the entire, sensitive production cycle of the food and beverage industry.

The focus of our work is the effort regarding quality assurance of the products to be manufactured and packaged. Our experienced specialists take over the responsibility, the strategic layout and the project management of your new complete plant. With the special competence gained from numerous applications in the food and beverage industry, we offer optimal conditions to develop and successfully implement trend-setting manufacturing processes based on practical experience.

Product-specific handling — individual solutions

The handling requirements are as unique as the products of the food and beverage industry. With unparalleled flexibility and performance, our systems and plants leverage potential within the production processes so that our customers are equipped for the growing challenges today and in the future.

TRAPO AG has its firm place in the food and beverage industry when it comes to transporting, palletizing, depalletizing and packaging different container sizes in a material-friendly way, even in the smallest of spaces, with customized automation systems. Our high-performance palletizers set down perfectly and realize any layer pattern of different formats. On request, we assemble goods according to type or equip them individually.

Meeting hygiene standards — simplifying cleaning

Our constructive hygiene design prevents food and beverages from being contaminated. Machines and equipment must be easy to clean. We adapt the hygienic design individually to the product, industry and spatial conditions. Our expertise: over 50 years of experience in the field of stainless steel production. All components of Hygiene-Design are designed at our headquarters in Gescher-Hochmoor and implemented in our in-house stainless steel production.

Traceability of food and beverages

Legal requirements and the customer's desire for clear declaration of the origin of food: Automation solutions of TRAPO AG enable traceability of food and beverages as well as transparency in production with digital technologies. 

Robot solutions for the food sector

High capacity distribution system in the food sector

Baguette Handling (Part 1)

Baguette Handling (Part 2)

Baguette Handling (Part 3)