27 cartons per minute: 45% increase in production

TRAPO: We secure food for every transport route

Five million liters of fresh milk are filled in mini-packs as long-life milk for the Asian market at a large dairy – and palletized at top speed after being packed in cartons.

Precise high-performance palletising of cartons of milk: so that the goods survive the intermodal transport on every route from Germany to Asia undamaged.


The customer required a solution for individual plastic containers of different volumes – from two to five liters.


A task was fulfilled by the TRAPO team with the HLP 6000.

Convincing for the customer: Due to the compact column design, no on-site modifications are necessary. The fast, precise and product-friendly layer formation by the parallel kinematics and TRAPO Pack enables complex layer patterns. These can be changed independently and without the help of TRAPO.

The same applies to the creation of future layer patterns.

High-performance palletizing of cartons with drink packs

The on-site filling line feeds up to 27 cartons of minipacks per minute to the highly flexible palletizing system.

These are gently preformed in rows as a specified layer pattern by the parallel kinematics upstream of the palletizer and then pushed into the high-performance layer palletizer.

The high-performance parallel kinematics consists of a five-member kinematic structure and a rotary module for orientation. The structure, with its total of three degrees of freedom, is therefore recommended for layer forming and product-friendly handling that requires high precision and equally high performance.

Via the TRAPO Pack palletizing tool, different layer patterns can be realized upon customer request, depending on technical requirements.

To secure the pallet stack, each layer is provided with an intermediate layer.

Empty pallets are automatically fed to the palletizing station by a pallet magazine and, after palletizing, are transferred to the customer’s transfer car via conveyor technology.

Palletizing is followed by load securing.

Following the first order, a third palletizer has already been ordered.


  • 45% increase in palletizing capacity
  • Optimally fitted into existing space with column design
  • Parallel kinematics for precise, gentle layer formation
  • TRAPO Pack: Software for complex layer patterns
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