Tailor-made: limitless possibilities in the smallest of spaces

TRAPO AG has its firm position in the chemical industry when it comes to gently conveying, palletizing, depalletizing and packing various cartons and vessel sizes in the smallest of spaces with tailor-made automization systems.

Here, the competence team at TRAPO AG sets the limits of the spatial and technical possibilities itself:

  • broad range of variants in technical conveying elements
  • (Final stacking, feeding, packing)
  • Handling devices (conveying, distributing, stacking)
  • Empty pallets area prepared
  • Solutions for fully-automatic filling of sensitive products in sacks, cans, buckets or barrels
  • Product data captured for identification
  • Control stations: only flawless goods reach their goal
  • Fed by shuttles individually or in several layers to the fully-automatic palletizing unit.

Highest performance in the smallest of spaces:

TRAPO layer palletizing with robots

Worldwide we are a responsible, experienced partner of the chemical industry. We set ourselves the challenge of optimizing production flows and optimally protecting your products with individual solutions. Our robots distribute, shape, palletize and perfectly secure - all in limited space.

Your benefits:

  • We run at maximum speed: 58 layers per hour/70 cartons per minute
  • We automatize: The employment of our palletizing robot increases work performance.
  • We offer unique performance: flexible distribution, shaping and securing on the pallet.
  • We guarantee secure gripping and perfect hold: Our robots act efficiently and reliably; with consistently high levels of performance.
  • We design according to need: Low maintenance high-capacity layer palletizers also in limited space.


In washing powder manufacture the task was to stack and secure cartons neatly. The dimensions of cartons determine in each case the layer formation with an average weight from 1 to 10kg.

An equally flexible and stable layer formation at varying heights and sustainable optimization of production processes stood at the very top of the list of priorities


Photo left:
With up to 70 cartons per minute washing powder is perfectly stacked and securely packed.

Photo right:
The goods packed in cartons are distributed across two lines.

Our solution:

The goods packed in the cartons are distributed on two lines in order to guarantee consistently high capacity. Flexible, programmable palletizing processes determine layer formation and stack height: Horizontal- or vertical sliding permits variable layer formation in a 3- or 4- pattern. Layer slides guide the entire layer precisely to the gripper.

The vacuum gripper places the intermediate layer. It ensures a stable, optimum layer image with perfectly sitting products. Shifting or falling is precluded.

Photo left:
A layer slide guides the entire layer precisely to the gripper.

Photo right:
The vacuum gripper places the intermediate layer.

Our contribution to efficiency increase in your production: While the first palletizing process is still running, the following one is in preparation: Via the pallet magazine an empty pallet is being fed which is readied once again for palletizing.

We additionally secure the pallet reliably with a cover film and by wrapping with film.Naturally our solution takes charge of goods traceability thanks to technically controlled labelling.

Naturally our solution takes charge of goods traceability thanks to technically controlled labelling. Identification of the pallet guarantees logistical traceability.

Layer palletizing with robots in the high-capacity segment