Maximum performance in the smallest space: robot palletizing

Gentle product feeding, exact layer formation and perfect palletizing from a single source

A clean job: Perfect stacking of detergent cartons - for consistently high palletizing performance.


Increasing efficiency in palletizing: In detergent production, the task was to neatly stack and secure cartons filled with detergent in a confined production area.


The goods packed in cartons are distributed over two lines to ensure consistently high output. Flexible, programmable palletizing processes determine layer formation and stack height: transverse or longitudinal push-off enables variable layer formation as a 3- or 4-layer formation layer, pushers guide the entire layer into the gripper with pinpoint accuracy.

The vacuum gripper places the layer pad, which is provided by the layer pad separator. It picks up only the top layer and guides it to the transfer position to the robot.

The gripper ensures a stable, optimum layer pattern with perfectly upright products. Misalignment or falling off are ruled out.

TRAPO – contribution to increased efficiency: While the first palletizing process is still running, the following one is being prepared. An empty pallet is fed in via the pallet magazine, ready for renewed palletizing.

The pallet is secured with cover film and by using the wrapper.

Of course: the labeling of the pallet, which ensures identification of the pallet and thus enables traceability.


  • For palletizing detergent cartons from 1 to 10 kilograms
  • Flexible alignment and stable layer formation
  • Variable layer patterns in 3 or 4 layer formation
  • Intermediate layer for optimum stability
  • Label enables batch tracing

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