Premiere: TRAPO presence at Modex / Atlanta

For the first time at a trade fair in the USA: TRAPO with end-of-line automation expertise

Whether customers want to take their first steps in automation with individual components or are looking for a complete line: TRAPO’s corporate subsidiary America, Inc. will be on site. As a newcomer, TRAPO will be at Modex at booth C5271 with the expertise of an end-of-line solution for the food industry.

Sales Manager Albert Trail’s team is presenting a practical application in hygienic design as a representative of numerous expertises in different industries. It was created exclusively for a manufacturer in the cheese industry, which packages over 12,000 tons of processed and fresh cheese and around 28,000 tons of sliced cheese annually. The end-of-line solution combines high-performance palletizing, pallet transport, warehousing and autonomous truck loading.

65 years of expertise in mechanical engineering make TRAPO the perfect partner for all tasks in production and intralogistics. Having grown with the automotive industry, TRAPO was an early pioneer in recognizing the potential of automation solutions and providing collaborative robots to employees on the shop floor.

TRAPO focused on strengthening and stabilizing supply-securing industries, which include the food and pharmaceutical industries, for example, when the Corona pandemic began. All industries are currently working in shifts to prevent total department shutdowns in the event of infections.

These innovations are proving their worth, for example, in pick-and-place applications for packing in cartons, forming layers and (de)palletizing. The flexible and compact systems fit perfectly into given space situations. For example, the HLP 6000 high-performance layer palletizer also uses spatial height to palletize at different levels.

In an automated environment, automated guided vehicles (TTS series) act as a swarm to safely transport pallets between production, the warehouse and autonomous loading and unloading at the loading ramp.

In parallel to these tasks, TRAPO engineers and IT specialists have developed TIM, the TRAPO Intelligent Managementsystem. TIM collects and monitors processes in production and intralogistics 24/7 on the basis of the specified OEE performance, thus enabling targeted optimization and predictive maintenance.

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