Unique selling point worldwide: palletizing at six seconds per wheel

Palletizing and depalletizing solutions  for the automotive industry

TRAPO AG is the only service provider worldwide to offer automated lines for depalletizing, palletizing, storage and packing of wheels at up to 600 wheels per hour.

This solution puts us in pole position: according to the manufacturer's specifications, we palletize wheels at six-second intervals!


Palletizing, securing and transport protection of the finished wheels according to individual manufacturer’s specifications and design of the protective film on the design side.


Providing the empty pallet

In the first step, TRAPO Fördertechnik provides a suitable EWPS pallet (European Wheel Pallet System) from the magazine.
The standardized reusable packaging for wheels accelerates the material flow in the automotive industry and saves transport costs.

Placing the layer pad

The robot with multifunction gripper places the intermediate layer with protective film as a base. Conveyor technology provides the finished wheels. A second robot with servo-controlled gripper picks them up gently at the tire seat and places them on the pallet.

Palletizing layers

The wheels are automatically palletized in layers according to the individual specifications of the car manufacturers, with interlayer film packs protecting the wheels against slipping and damage. Finally, a protective cover is applied.


Thanks to the automated packing process, damage during transport can be ruled out. For transport to the service company, the pallets are strapped and/or stretched with film.


  • Standardized reusable packaging for wheels
  • Automated packaging process eliminates damage
  • Depalletizing, palletizing, storing and packing of up to 600 wheels/hour
  • Interlayer film packs protect wheels from slipping and damage
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