“Clear the way!” for automated guided vehicles

Automation Solutions from TRAPO AG between Production and Warehouse

They seem to navigate through production as if by magic, cleverly avoiding each other, stopping, re-visiting their destination and tirelessly starting back to the loading position: Automated guided vehicles are not new as a solution, but the further development of the TRAPO Transport Shuttle (TTS series) is convincing. In the background, TIM, the TRAPO Intelligent Managementsystem, acts as a control instance – it regulates and monitors the automated processes between production and the loading bay. The higher-level system acts as a traffic light system to ensure that the TTSs operate safely and efficiently alongside and with each other.

The fully-automated loading of trucks forms the missing module for the automation of intralogistics. An important component of TRAPO automation is an autonomously acting duo: the TRAPO Loading System TLS 3600 (TLS series) and the TRAPO Transport Shuttle TTS 1200 (TTS series), which takes over the smooth delivery of the pallet load.

Precise, time-saving transfer of pallets

In order to ensure flexibility and safety between production and loading dock, among other things, and to make optimum use of the warehouse space, which is often limited anyway, the automated guided vehicles take over the precise and efficient transfer of the palletized goods ready for dispatch. They meet the requirements of any industry. Accordingly, the TTS can carry loads of up to 2000 kilograms, depending on the design – higher capacity is available on request. The TTS transports pallets, for example loaded with packed crates, sacks or buckets, between production and the warehouse at a consistently high capacity. A particular advantage is that, since the TTS replaces conventional conveyors, it creates more usable space in companies´ facilities.

The TTS is also flexible in terms of its configuration: sizes and options for energy transmission and storage as well as for drive and navigation can be freely combined as required. Another plus: Mecanum wheels enable the TRAPO Transport Shuttle to move in a directional manner, thus saving space and time. With these wheels it controls the TRAPO Loading System TLS 3600 (TLS series).

To increase safety at the loading ramp

First introduced in March, the TLS acts autonomously: a clear competitive advantage, because thanks to this unique selling point, the TLS can compensate for both height differences and position corrections at the loading bay. The name of the TLS 3600 is based on a special feature: it loads 3 pallets of 1200 kilograms each at the same time in one operation, i.e. 3600 kilograms in total.

In terms of its design and functions, the TLS is unmistakable and closes the safety gap between production and loading ramp. Thus, it can also be placed on rails to serve up to four loading and unloading stations. Depending on demand, several TLSs thus operate in the loading zone – for optimum flexibility. To save additional space in the loading area, the pallets are placed on the loading system from behind.

TLS 3600: Efficient and fast loading and unloading of trucks

Trucks and containers are loaded in three sequences: First, up to three pallets are placed side by side in a row on the stationary part of the system and aligned. This is followed by picking up and loading the row. Parallel to the loading process, the next row of pallets is formed and made available. This continuous process saves time and distance. Unloading is carried out in reverse order. For a 13-meter trailer, the loading time with 33 pallets is about fifteen minutes, depending on the load.

As a specialist in the high-care sector of the food industry, pharmaceutical industry and medical technology, TRAPO AG also offers all components in a stainless steel version – designed and manufactured from a single source and tested in the TRAPO technical center.

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