Our company car drives ecologically!

TRAPO GmbH adds e-car to its vehicle fleet

Courier runs, customer visits and service transports: Under the motto “Climate protection has right of way”, TRAPO GmbH calls for a rethink and adds first E-car to its vehicle fleet!

The trend towards sustainable commitment is to be reflected in all areas of the company. As a partner for industrial automation, TRAPO GmbH focuses on conscious, economical management of resources and the continuous improvement of ecological and economic efficiency.

From now on, the TRAPO team is 100% emission-free and quiet on the road thanks to E-Mobil; the electric charging station is located on the factory premises. And it is also worthwhile for further distances: In NRW alone, there are almost 1000 publicly accessible and private outlets where e-mobiles can be recharged.

When the runabout is parked in Gescher-Hochmoor, it’s actually resting – and charging its battery along the way, so it’s fit for the next tour!

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