Unique design recognition: Guaranteed identification and assignment of the wheels

Confusion ruled out TRAPO ensures reliable allocation of wheels in the manufacturing process

Design and the highest quality characterize alloy wheels.

We have not reinvented the wheel itself - but the tasks for clear, guaranteed unmistakable assignment of the wheel!


Automation of the painting process with the clear mission of relieving workers in this physically difficult workplace.


Depending on the manufacturer, the signature is applied with product number, logo or date of manufacture.

Feeding of the wheels

The wheels reach the design recognition system via the conveyor belt and are uniquely identified.

Design recognition

In the design recognition, the height and diameter of the wheel are recorded. In addition, the bolt circle diameter and the styling of the wheel are determined.

Placement of the signature

On the bolt-on side, the signature is applied in a pocket between the bolt-on holes. Other, individual positions can be implemented on customer request.

Handling of the wheels

The wheels are picked up on the tire seat so as not to damage the rim flange.


  • Identification of wheels via design recognition
  • Applying a signature with product number, logo or date of manufacture
  • Protection of the rim flange – application of the wheel to the tire seat
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