Delicate special solution for potato salad transport

For 90 per cent of Germans potato salad is quite simply the barbecue side-dish of choice - and it can gladly come straight from the refrigerator shelf. In potato salad production highest levels of hygiene are expected — which we meet with our hygiene solutions.

Your benefits:

  • We test under real conditions. Individual solutions and components are devised, manufactured and tested on-site at the Gescher-Hochmoor HQ in close consultation with our customers.
  • If desired, we employ stainless steel. For almost 50 years we have been fulfilling the constantly increasing requirements of employment in food production, in clean-rooms and in other sensitive environments with our stainless steel products. Genuine food-quality, highest-grade stainless steel is processed exclusively in the manufacturing workshops — glass-bead blasted or electropolished.
  • We design need-based. Low-maintenance, high-capacity robot layer-palletizers impress with tailor-made solutions. As all components come from a single source the technology can be optimally adapted to suit spatial circumstances and be individually programmed.
  • We guarantee precise gripping and perfect stacking. Our robots perform gently and dependably - whilst maintaining a consistently high level of performance.
  • We secure transport. Ultra-precise distribution, gentle shaping and reliably secured on a pallet.


Whether throughout the year or for seasonal business: It is necessary to guarantee, also in peak sales periods, secure, clean transport of the containers filled with potato salad - and to perform the individual task in the tightest available space.

A customer requested a solution for individual plastic containers of varying sizes - from two to 5 litres volume. An assignment which the experimental team at the TRAPO technical center set itself.

Our solution:

Potato salad containers are brought together from two lines - from there a robot with a multi-function gripper assumes secure stacking of the rows on a pallet.

The containers filled with potato salad are transported to the gripper via conveyor belt. With a perfect fit, the gripper centrally places the containers which require stacking in the hollow lid recess of the salad container positioned underneath.

For this the robot grips the container at an angle and approaches the parking position precisely. The gripper then lightly shakes the existing row of four containers and with this counterforce, presses the product gently into the recess of the lower lid.

After two completed layers at a time, employing vacuum grippers at different levels, a single, stable intermediate sheet is suction-fed at an angle in order to place them precisely.

The gripper thus ensures a stable, optimal layer pattern with perfectly standing containers. Shifting or falling movements are precluded.

When the last row has been placed, an empty pallet is forwarded via the pallet magazine, readied for the next palletizing procedure.

Image left:
Four containers move along to a gate, which — in perfect alignment — are picked in rows and then perfectly placed by the gripper.

Image right:
Vacuum grippers at different levels grip an intermediate sheet which ensure additional stability.

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