Competence in complete systems — even for special solutions

Our potentials in the area of the overall systems are as varied as our customers. The applications, which are planned together with customers worldwide, manufactured at our headquarters in Gescher-Hochmoor, tested there in the TRAPO Technical Centre and put into operation at companies, are unique - and yet modular in design. Many of our customers are "repeat offenders" - this loyalty is for us the greatest proof of unique competence and at the same time an incentive. Where others refuse, we make processes on the entire plant possible — efficiently and highly flexible.

Food industry: handle food with care

We want to play our part in providing food of consistently high quality in equally high quantities through automation. In their construction and design, our systems precisely meet the legal requirements for cleanliness and hygienic design in food production.

Short paths from planning to implementation: Stainless steel components are produced in our own stainless steel production facility at TRAPO AG headquarters in Gescher-Hochmoor, in the Westphalia region of Germany. Thanks to their well thought-out hygienic design, they rule out contamination and guarantee easy cleaning — with rounded edges, smooth surfaces and modified seals.

Pharmaceutical and medical technology: convincing cleanroom competence

With unparalleled flexibility and performance, our automation concepts for the pharmaceutical and medical technology industries leverage potential within production processes.

TRAPO AG complies with the GAMP guidelines for the validation of automated systems in pharmaceutical production. The guidelines are observed throughout the entire plant. In the field of cleanroom technology, components are manufactured in hygienic design and made of stainless steel. We have already implemented projects according to DIN ISO 7 and 8.

Logistics and distribution systems: careful sorting and distribution

Digitalization and automation characterize the processes in production and logistics. In their design and construction, our systems precisely meet the high demands of optimized internal material flow for in-house transport and warehouse management. Sorting and distribution systems operate fully automatically during storage and retrieval as well as order picking in production and distribution centres.

Automotive and wheel industry: so your production runs smoothly

With numerous special solutions we fulfil complex tasks in the automotive and wheel industry. We offer state-of-the-art control technology: for example, in quality control with sensors and 3-D cameras for position and design recognition.

Responsible, experienced partner to the chemical industry

As a partner in industrial automation, TRAPO AG provides answers to the special requirements of chemical and petrochemical products with overall line competences and individual solutions. We set new standards, for example, with individual gripper technology in the field of gentle robot handling of partly highly aggressive products.

Individual solutions for the packaging industry

New trends, new perspectives and new possibilities for the packaging industry — these include our Automated Guided Vehicles, which act as a link between production and warehouse.

We set no limits, neither in terms of the goods to be packed nor in terms of gripper technology: We pack cartons, KETs, sacks, buckets, cans, drums and more. We also have special expertise in the packaging of medical technology products in high care areas.

Building materials industry: moving heavy goods easily

We are your partner when it comes to transporting bulk goods or even heavy stones safely to their destination.

Furniture industry: transporting large-volume timbers over short distances

In the furniture industry we have special expertise; especially in the transport of large-volume wooden boards within production and storage areas.

Flexible complete systems: We grant you insight into the practice

Discover practical applications under "Case Studies" and experience these applications almost live in the download area with convincing videos