Research and Development at in-house pilot plant

Innovations are nurtured in a focused manner: Industrial grippers, limited to certain integrated functions and precisely functioning robots are manufactured based on the model of the human hand and its capabilities.

We set ourselves the responsibility of expanding our sector know-how and our innovative ideas for new solutions in the robotic technology sector.


Research and development has since the year dot been of great significance. Our creative, committed employees extend their knowledge and capabilities from numerous successful projects.

Based on the "Colt" model, the rotating revolving palletizer enables palletizing of varying formats for different end-users - in most constricted spaces.

We know the sector's internal requirements for the future of system building. We therefore align our core competences with the development of new solutions which optimize their material flow in production and logistics.

Your security-plus: In-house tests

In order to improve processes, conveying lines and automation systems in a determined fashion we offer our customers in-house test runs

  • That gives you security - long before the system is installed at your site.
  • Through the development of innovative solutions we generate decisive benefits for you.
  • We perform test-runs with your products and assume with foresight the responsibility for perfect handling in your manufacturing facility.