The compact TRAPO Loading System (TLS): safe, efficient loading and unloading of trucks and containers

The consistent automation of the loading zone as part of an overall concept provides the solution to permanently prevent serious accidents involving people and damage to goods. As a partner for industrial automation TRAPO AG optimises two aspects:

  • The danger zone in the loading area of trucks and containers is sustainably defused
  • Goods handling as a component of effective overall logistics is carried out safely, correctly and with short routes.

The TRAPO Loading System is already patent pending in function and design: The space-saving, autonomously operating car loader is only 4.30 metres long, only 1.30 metres high and can carry up to 3.6 tonnes payload per row. The TLS thus reduces the loading time of a 13-meter-long trailer with a capacity of 33 pallets depending on the load to about 15 minutes.

Loading of trucks and containers in only four sequences

To save space, the pallets in this system are placed on the loading system from behind.

  1. forming the row: pallets are placed and aligned in a row on the stationary part of the system
  2. pick up the row: the row is picked up by the mobile loading unit
  3. the row is loaded: The pallets are loaded row by row into the trailer by the mobile loading unit
  4. preparation of a row: during the loading process, another row of pallets is formed and prepared on the stationary part

Unloading of trucks and containers is carried out in reverse order.

A continuous sequence that saves time and distance and avoids waiting times for pallet loading.


  • Autonomous navigation
  • Fully automated truck loading for every industry
  • Compact design
  • Overall line competence: Application is part of a complete line and corresponds to driverless transport systems
  • To use the TLS for several strokes, it can be moved thanks to rails the TLS can be integrated into any production, storage or sequencing system integrate
  • Abandonment of personal guided forklifts - for an absolute plus for Personal safety
  • Clocking: Reduction of the loading time to approx. 15 minutes (depending on the load / with a 13-metre trailer with a capacity of 33 pallets)
  • Short pallet life: The pallets are loaded directly after the formation of the row loaded; a plus, for example for the refrigerated area of the food industry
  • Loading for every truck - no structural changes to the trailer necessary
  • variants for loading containers for overseas goods transport possible
  • Different pallet formats can be traded in transverse or longitudinal alignment
  • Smooth cooperation with TTS Series Automated Guided Vehicles
  • Design for care areas in the food industry, pharmaceutical Industry and medical technology

TRAPO Transport Shuttle (TTS System) takes over the pallet transport

Flexible competence: The TRAPO Transport Shuttle (TTS series), autonomously moving systems that safely transport pallets to the TLS, forms the link between goods issue and loading system.

Depending on requirements and volume, several TTS operate in the loading zone.