Providing, conveying and packing filter cartridges in a cleanroom environment

TRAPO AG: Conveyor technology and robot solution with individual robot gripper

The vital treatment of patients with chronic kidney failure requires the highest quality standards and prohibits tolerances. Our experts know: This medical technology saves lives every day!

We are aware of the high level of responsibility - these filters make everyday life easier for patients with kidney failure. Our goal is to ensure the highest level of safety in filter production through automation.


Sensitive handling in the cleanroom production of dialysis filters.


After spinning hollow yarns into bundles two metres long, TRAPO Technik takes over.

Transfer to cutting line

The raw material is taken from the automatic spindle machine and transferred to the cutting line by TRAPO conveyor technology.

Robot transfer

Transfer of the filters and further transport to the TRAPO loading robot.


Stainless steel extraction boxes are loaded with filters for transfer to the extraction plant. The sterile extraction process with drying follows on the customer´s site
Transport to the process machines is again provided by conveyor technology.

Unloading | Return transport

The unloading robot unloads the washed and dried filters from the extraction boxes, which are transported back to the starting point.

Filling | Vacuuming

In parallel, ready crates are filled and the emptied crates are returned to the loading robot. This is followed by the onward transport of the packed crates to the shipping department.


  • Highly sensitive production processes for dialysis filters
  • Automated high volume production
  • Transfer systems from TRAPO AG optimize material flow in the high care sector
  • Basis is the significant expertise in care areas

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