Providing, conveying and packaging filter cartridges in a cleanroom environment

Flexible TRAPO transport systems

Water is a valuable resource - with this special solution for handling filters for water treatment, we are making a contribution to improving quality!


Providing, conveying and packaging filter cartridges in a cleanroom environment.


After the cartridges have been filled with granulate, TRAPO conveyor technology takes over the further transport – with toothed belt conveyor, gantry and two-axis robot. A solution that convinced the manufacturer and resulted in follow-up orders.

Transport to the sterilizer

The cartridges are placed individually on the toothed belt cycle conveyor. A gantry removes the cartridges and places them in rows in carriers provided. These are fed to the sterilizer. Alternatively, a bypass allows manual insertion / removal of cartridges. A transfer carriage transports the stacks further.

Conveyor system in the sterilizer

The tray stacks are fed to the sterilizer. When the airlock opens, a telescopic arm pushes the trays into the sterilizer, retracts, the airlock closes, and the sterilization process begins. The sterile cartridges are removed in reverse order.

Onward transport from the sterilizer

The telescopic pusher pulls the trays out of the sterilizer and buffers them on a storage lane. From there, the cartridges travel over a changeover barrier to the destacker. In this application solution, a robot picks up the cartridges and its gripper, rotated by 90°, places them, at a distance, in a fan chain.


A gantry or robot then removes the individual cartridges. Optionally, they are placed on a conveyor or in a chute, fed to the vertical flowpack machine, filled and sealed. This is followed by packaging and preparation for shipping.


  • Reliable and flexible stainless steel conveyor technology in the environment surrounding the filter-cartridge sterilization process
  • Expertise in hygienic design
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