Unique: depalletizing glossy wheels

Conveyor technology, palletizing expertise and robot gripper development

Wheels become more elegant – and more multicolored. Our unique: The system can depalletize both lying and standing wheels.

This team has huge expertise and has taken over the top of the table with the pioneering solution for the transport of standing wheels!


The scratch-sensitive, gloss-turned wheels are transported standing up, handled with white gloves and hooked onto the paint chain.


A specially developed gripper gently grips the tire seat behind the rim flange with three plastic fingers and places the rim on the conveyor belt – without touching the sensitive design side, scratches are ruled out.


Conveyor belts deliver the wheels to the depalletizing station on pallets/frames. Upright wheels are delivered on frames of eight to twelve individual wheels per layer, horizontal wheels according to EWPS (European Wheel Pallet System). The frames have been specially developed for this task.

Transporting and hanging

The special gripper picks up both standing and lying wheels with three fingers and depalletizes them. In a second step, the wheels are hung on the paint chain.

Palletizing magazine

The pallets/frames are stacked in palletizing magazines of 15 EWPS pallets or 30 frames each and are ready for transport tasks.


  • Transport of standing and lying wheels for painting
  • The servopneumatic gripper depalletizes wheels using the latest laser technology
  • Two laser scanners determine the position of the wheel in the room
  • The multifunctional gripper assumes all tasks – and replaces complicated gripper changing systems
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