Autonomous transport: Safe routes from production to the loading ramp

Automated goods handling in logistics

With respect for the responsible task of safely loading palletized and handling goods, the concept of the TRAPO Loading System TLS 3600 (TLS series) was developed in combination with autonomously moving transport systems. The bottom line of the fully-automated line between production and loading bay: more safety, higher efficiency and consistently high performance when loading and unloading trucks and containers.

An important component of the concept is an autonomously acting duo: the TRAPO Loading System TLS 3600 (TLS series) and the TRAPO Transport Shuttle TTS 1200 (TTS series), which takes over the smooth delivery of the pallet load.

Precise, time-saving transfer of pallets

In order to meet the required flexibility between production and loading bay and to make optimum use of the storage space, which is often limited anyway, the driverless transport systems take over the precise, time-saving transfer of the palletized goods ready for dispatch. The requirements of goods from all sectors are met. Accordingly, the TTS variant can handle loads of up to 2000 kilograms, depending on the design – higher loads are possible on request. The TTS series can be completely adapted to the customer’s requirements according to a modular principle and configured as desired: for example, with an MRK robot, lift or mobile conveyor line.

In this way, the automated guided vehicle system proves itself with consistently high performance when transporting pallets with packed boxes, bags or buckets, for example, between production and the warehouse. A particular advantage is that the TTS covers routes within the production facility or goods receiving area and, as a replacement for conventional conveyors, creates more usable space. The TTS is also flexible with regard to the structural environment: Sizes, energy transmission and storage as well as drive and navigation can be combined according to requirements. Another plus: Mecanum wheels enable the TRAPO Transport Shuttle to move in a directional manner, thus saving space and time.

TIM coordinates the deployment of autonomous shuttles

Depending on the task at hand, several automated guided vehicles of the TTS series operate alongside and with each other – coordinated by TIM. As a control instance, TIM, the TRAPO Intelligent Managementsystem, regulates and monitors the automated processes between production and the loading ramp. Step by step, third-party systems can also be integrated into the sophisticated concept.

The higher-level system acts as a route manager to ensure that the TTSs operate safely and efficiently alongside and with each other. The route manager manages the tasks, selects a free TTS, calculates the most favorable route and sends the TTS on its way to the loading system after picking up the pallet.

Everything in flow: Conveyor technology from TRAPO

As diverse as the workpieces, products and overall lines is not only the autonomously acting but also the portfolio of conventional conveyor technology on which the more than 60-year company history of TRAPO AG is based.

Partner for industrial automation

As the degree of automation increases, so do the requirements for transparency and reliability in production and intralogistics. As a complete system specialist, TRAPO AG offers individual automation concepts for complex (sub)areas in production and intralogistics in order to humanize workplaces, isolate sources of error and perfect production concepts. The goal: to present innovative solutions for the area between production and loading dock long before the need for them arises.

The TLS 3600: the revolution at the loading bay

The loading area is overloaded, especially at peak times – accidents with personal injury or property damage can be the result. Here, the TRAPO Loading System TLS 3600 offers a safe, efficient alternative. The TLS, which will be presented for the first time at LogiMAT 2020, acts autonomously: a clear competitive advantage, because thanks to this unique selling point, the TLS can compensate for differences in height as well as position corrections at the ramp. The TLS 3600 takes its name from a special feature: it loads three pallets of 1200 kilograms each, i.e. a total of 3600 kilograms, in parallel in a single operation.

Unmistakable in function and design, the TLS closes the safety gap between production and loading dock. In doing so, it literally sets a new course for automated loading and unloading: It can be placed on rails to serve up to four loading and unloading stations. Depending on requirements and volume, several TLSs operate in the loading zone for optimum flexibility. Value was deliberately placed on the complexity of the TLS: To save space in the loading area, the pallets are placed on the loading system from behind.

TLS 3600: high performance and safe loading.

Truck and container loading takes place in three sequences: First, up to three pallets are placed side by side in a row on the stationary part of the system and aligned. This is followed by picking up and loading the row. Parallel to the loading process, the next row of pallets is formed and made available. This continuous process saves time and distance. Unloading is carried out in reverse order. For a trailer 13 meters long, the loading time with 33 pallets is about fifteen minutes, depending on the load.

As a specialist for the high care sector of the food industry, pharmaceutical industry and medical technology, TRAPO AG also offers all components in stainless steel design – designed, manufactured and tested in the TRAPO technical center from a single source.

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