Five advantages of full-service providers in logistics

This is why the total line professional is worthwhile as a partner

According to the German Logistics Association, German companies generate around 25 percent of their sales in Europe. However, global competition is also important for them: individualized mass production, well thought-out distribution and a comprehensive understanding of processes are crucial to success. In order to withstand the competition and achieve individual solutions for high quality and repeatability as well as sustainable efficiency in production and intralogistics, the implementation of a complete system is recommended. TRAPO AG, specialist for cross-industry, innovative complete line concepts, shows the advantages of complete line suppliers. This is why the total line professional is worthwhile as a partner:

More efficiency through complete line concepts
Complete line concepts create a smooth process and a closed loop. This includes picking, packing, palletizing, packaging, conveying, storing, subsequent sorting and distribution, and finally loading. Companies thus receive highly functional, flexible and economical solutions along the entire line.

More safety through automation
To eliminate sources of error in the long term and ensure quality and top performance, systems, machines and processes are automated as part of complete line concepts. Here, the concepts are based on the needs of the companies and are adapted to the spatial conditions.

Tailored solutions for different industries
Depending on the industry, the complete line concepts can be tailored individually, because the modular design of the systems allows individual configurations and optimizations. In the food, pharmaceutical and medical industries, for example, the design and construction of the corresponding systems therefore precisely meet the stringent legal requirements for cleanliness and hygienic design. TRAPO AG is a pioneer when it comes to individual solutions, for example for the automotive and wheel industries. Here, state-of-the-art control technology is used to perform quality control using sensors or position and design recognition using 3D cameras.

In-house research and development
Overall line concepts are never set in stone. They are constantly being developed and improved. That is why research and development play a central role at TRAPO AG: Comprehensive know-how and innovative ideas for new solutions enable us, for example, to steadily expand the field of gripper technology for robots. The focus here is particularly on multifunctional grippers. TRAPO AG is consistently expanding its overall line portfolio with new systems and competencies: for example, driverless transport systems or – currently – automated loading for trucks and containers.

Everything comes from a single source
Full-service providers of complete line concepts are suitable partners for the entire value chain – from design to engineering, production, commissioning and after-sales service. A fixed contact person is available to ensure smooth implementation. Since all components come from one supplier, the technology can be optimally adapted to the customer’s conditions – which are often extremely limited in terms of space – and programmed individually.

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