Driverless Transport Systems

As TRAPO Transport Shuttle (TTS) and TRAPO Warehouse Shuttle (TWS) the driverless transport systems cooperate with each other – and achieve maximum performance in this combination. The TTS, as a flexible hand-over unit, takes over in-house goods transport – and hands it over to the TWS in the high-bay storage area.

TRAPO Transport Shuttle TTS Series

TRAPO Transport Shuttle TTS Series

Navigates autonomously: Approaches fixed conveying system, takes over loads or loads on...

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Mobile power: TRAPO Transport Shuttle (TTS Series)

The TTS Series presents itself as highly flexible: TTS approaches conveyor lines and takes over individual loads or loads on load carriers, for example pallets. The particular advantage: TTS are flexibly adaptable to production processes.

The variants and superstructures are geared to individual customer requirements: TTS are complemented by lift function, conveying systems or robot. Overall dimensions, energy transfer- and storage as well as drive and navigation can, on demand, be combined as desired.



  • Standard up to 2000kg, greater loads on request
  • Autonomous navigation – more useable space
  • Replaces and complements fixed conveyor systems – for more space and flexibility
  • Mecanum wheels enable surface-directional movement
  • Modular system design for flexible configurations
  • Customer-specific structures
  • Overcomes spatial levels with a vertical conveyor
TRAPO Warehouse Shuttle TWS Series

TRAPO Warehouse Shuttle TWS Series

The TWS takes over products or complete load carriers.

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Systematic high-bay storage: TRAPO Warehouse Shuttle (TWS SERIES)

One or several TWS take over products or complete load carriers such as pallets in the high-bay shelf storage area. The TRAPO Warehouse Lift (TWL) receives a TWS in order to store and retrieve in the storage lanes via a rail system at different levels.

The TWS covers three metres per second at an acceleration rate of 1.5m/s² and completes the cycle of driving out, gripping and driving in in a maximum of three seconds.



  • Receival of TWS by TWL for storage and retrieval at different shelf levels
  • Modular design shelving system, flexibly extendable
  • Standard design for a payload of 35kg, further versions on request
  • For load carriers such as pallets up to 1200kg, greater loads on request
  • Charging is performed on TWL, alternatively via a charging point in the lane
  • Performance increase with additional TWS and further TWL.
TRAPO Warehouse Lift TWL

TRAPO Warehouse Lift TWL

Receives the TWS in order to load the high-bay storage.

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Efficient and safe: The TRAPO Warehouse Lift (TWL)

Between the shelves of the high-bay storage are corridors in which the TWS function. They are controlled through the lane with the assistance of the TWL in order to load and retrieve products or load carriers at different levels.

A combination which, through automation, utilizes maximum storage capacity, sustainably saves costs, avoids fault sources and enables an efficient working method.



  • Flexible storage and retrieval at different shelf levels
  • Automated high-bay storage for optimum space utilization
  • Charging of the TWS preferable on the TWL