Material flow control through sorting systems

In intralogistics, sorting systems are used for material flow control in distribution centres, for example to supply replenishment, to separate, sort and merge goods according to orders or to transport them to destination stations.

Sorters can be used at various locations within an overall system whenever product units arriving from one or more sources need to be distributed to one or more destinations.

Fields of application are for example

  • Goods receipt: when unloading trucks or containers for further transport to the warehouse
  • The picking area for batch-picking
  • The outgoing goods department: tour compilation / truck loading


The TRAPO Omni Sorter 5000 (TOS series):

The TRAPO Omni Sorter 5000 (TOS series):

High throughput of up to 5000 units/h

The TRAPO Sphere Sorter (TSS series):

The TRAPO Sphere Sorter (TSS series):

Configurable in length and width,
speed up to 1 m/sec.

TOS – the TRAPO Omni Sorter 5000 (TOS series)

The TRAPO Omni Sorter automates material flow: cost-efficient, fast and reliable. The high throughput of up to 5000 parcels per hour is the reason for its name: TRAPO Omni Sorter 5000 (TOS series).

The TOS can divert products to both sides as a connecting element between conveyor lines.

Goods which pass the TOS are either transported further by its rollers or discharged to the left or right by pivoting the rollers at an angle of 45⁰ or 30⁰.

Its modular design allows flexible and multiple configuration possibilities within given production areas. Depending on product dimensions, the pitch and overall dimensions can be adapted to customer requirements.

Fully automated and individually adapted: the TRAPO Omni Sorter

The TOS is a convincing sorting system that is composed of different components depending on the application and product: From the TOS itself as well as upstream and downstream conveyor systems, for example curves or 45⁰ predentives.

The selection of a suitable sorting system is based on the following criteria:

  • product data: dimension, shape, weight, type of packaging, shock sensitivity
  • Structural conditions: available space, room geometry
  • Material properties
  • Capacity (units/hr)



Highly flexible: the TRAPO Omni Sorter

A decisive advantage of the TRAPO Omni Sorter is its high level of flexibility — with minimal space requirement.

Performance data:

  • Up to 5000 units/hr
  • High performance sorter with +/- 30⁰ or 45°
  • Electric drive 400V
  • Pitch; distance in x and y direction between the rollers: 70mm and 76mm
  • Small transfers to the neighbouring conveyors
  • Table size adapted to the needs of the customer
  • Continuous conveyor flow: The material being conveyed is not stopped when the direction is changed



  • The TRAPO Omni Sorter (TOS) complements the broad product portfolio of TRAPO AG
  • Easy system integration: the modular design allows flexible configuration
  • High throughput: up to 5000 units/hr
  • Maintenance-friendly: As a supplier of complete systems TRAPO AG supplies and maintains all components.
  • TIM®, the TRAPO Intelligent Management System: The signals and process data processed by the TOS control system can be retrieved and evaluated. Via TIM®, extensive diagnostic functions can be added to check the faultless operation and sustainably optimize the performance of the picking line.

Flexible and highly efficient: the TRAPO Sphere Sorter (TSS)

With the TRAPO Sphere Sorter (TSS), TRAPO AG offers a precise sorter for forwarding, rotating, distributing and diverting packages. The basis is a conveyor belt in which spheres are incorporated. The balls protrude from the top and bottom of the chain.

When the chain runs from left to right during operation, the balls run with it. This movement leads to a doubling of the speed at which the material is transported on the belt.

The TSS is used for handling a wide range of packages, from boxes, parcels, packages to letters.

With a speed of up to 1m/sec. the TSS proves to be extremely flexible — it can be moved in any width and length. It can turn and distribute packages arriving from several infeed lines to several outfeeds.

Performance data:

  • Speed TSS of up to 1m/sec. Higher speeds on request.
  • With the TSS, the modular belt is driven by 400V geared motors and the controlling belt conveyors are driven either by 24V roller motors or, in the case of larger sorters, by synchronous servo motors.
  • The pitch of the TSS is 25.4 x 25.4mm and corresponds to the pitch of the balls.
  • Continuous flow: The material being conveyed is not stopped when the direction is changed. With the TSS, all movements take place according to the 3 degrees of freedom during transport.


  • The TRAPO Sphere Sorter allows any width and length of line.
  • For the distribution and discharge of products from several infeed and outfeed lines.
  • Minimal space requirement, as various functions are performed on one surface.
  • Due to the small pitch of the spheres (25.4mm) even very small products from 75x75mm can be conveyed. Large quantities, because the packages can be moved next to each other and at the same time independently of each other. The number of articles is not limited.
  • Combines the logistical demand for short conveying distances and positioning of objects with more than one degree of freedom — it moves, positions, orients and rotates products simultaneously and independently of each other in any direction.
  • Gentle conveyed-goods movements with three degrees of freedom: Products can be moved in any xy direction and rotated around the z axis.