Packaging sterile needle and thread combinations for surgery

TRAPO: Expertise in pick and place applications – also for the pharmaceutical industry

In the production process of the sensitive, medical cleanroom environment, the experience of the TRAPO team of specialists proves its worth.

We are proud to make a modest contribution to the healthcare system with our automation expertise!


The sensitive needle-thread combinations must be available individually, sterile and ready for use. A highly sensitive task, which TRAPO AG’s plant and robot technology adresses.


TRAPO technology takes over from delivery of needle and thread of various size formats.

Removal and packaging

Plant and robot technology from TRAPO AG feeds the needle/thread combination to the continuous aluminum foil provided with a trough. A second aluminum foil is placed on top, welded and perforated.

Loading grid boxes

After the sterilization process, the packaged needle-thread combinations are placed in stackable wire mesh boxes.

Sterilization of the stacked boxes is performed by the customer.

Removal | Onward transport

After the sterilization process, the trays (needle-thread combinations wrapped in aluminum foil) are removed from the wire mesh boxes and fed into the on-site packaging.

The customer then prepares the welded, sterile needle-thread combinations for packaging and fully automatic shipping.


  • Bringing together needle and thread as a combination
  • Handling of different formats and sizes
  • Expertise in pick and place applications in the clean room
  • Packaging and fully-automated shipping
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