Humanization of the workplace: automation of the conveyor chain to the paint shop

TRAPO experts also developed this multifunctional robotic gripper that grips wheels safely and without damaging the paintwork

Automation of the painting process with the clear mission of relieving workers in this physically difficult workplace.

Pit stop at the paint chain: These robots are part of the team! Wherever we discover the need, we find solutions to humanize workplaces - and relieve employees!


Automation of the painting process with the clear mission of relieving the workers in this physically challenging workplace.


Suspension of the wheels

In the run-up to painting, the wheels must be fed onto the cleaning chain. The robot is synchronized with the paint chain – the speed of the paint chain is matched to that of the robot. In this process, the robots’ flexibility enables them to adapt quickly to changing production conditions.

Depalletizing and staging

The wheels are getting bigger and heavier: no problem for the two robots working in parallel: while one robot depalletizes and provides the wheels for attachment, the second hangs the wheels. This guarantees consistently high performance and also covers the requirements of the employers’ liability insurance association.

Conveyor technology after painting

The wheels are automatically palletized in layers according to the individual specifications of the car manufacturers, with interlayer film packs protecting the wheels against slipping and damage. Finally, a protective cover is applied.


  • Robots depalletize and hook wheels onto the paint chain
  • Adaptation to changing painting specifications – for example, for wheels from different manufacturers and models
  • Feeding of wheels for final inspection

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