Customized conveyor technology: Flexible or rigid

TRAPO AG grew up with competence in conveyor technology — to this day we supply tailor-made elements of conveyor technology for every task in order to optimize the flow of materials in production and intralogistics.

The success story of TRAPO AG began in 1957 with the invention of the all-round roller by the company founder and pioneer Karl Stumpf. For the first time, the all-side roller made it possible to move heavy unit loads manually, which saved energy.

Already in the 70s the company changed from a pure manufacturer of conveyor technology components to a manufacturer of large systems. In the 90s TRAPO AG established itself as a partner of the industry for special systems. The slogan "more than conveyor technology" was added to the logo and explained the change in content and orientation: TRAPO is a renowned specialist in the development, design, production and commissioning of conveyor technology for every application.

Everything in flow: Conveying technology from TRAPO

As diverse as the workpieces, products and production lines are, so is our cross-divisional portfolio in the field of conveyor technology, with which we also answer new tasks efficiently and error-free.

Get to know and appreciate the latest generation of conveyor technology: Modular belt conveyors, transfer units, all-side-roller conveyors, discharge and distribution stations, turntables and collection tables, belt conveyors, chain and belt conveyors, slat-band chain conveyors, roller and vertical conveyors as well as empty and full pallet conveyors.

Only our services are not off the assembly line

As numerous and unique as your industry and your production lines are, so is the portfolio of conveyor technology, with which we answer every task efficiently and without errors.

We raise sustainable optimization potential for the material flow in your production.

From individual conveyor elements to complete conveyor systems, we design and build according to your specifications. Get to know and appreciate the latest generation of conveyor technology:

Efficient 24V Drive Technology

Efficient 24V Drive Technology

Zero pressure accumulation, low maintenance and whisper-quiet

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The 24V motorized roller is perfectly tailored to the needs of intralogistics. A further plus: The rollers convey in an energy-saving manner, whisper-quiet, with low wear and in addition, space, as no drive station is required.

An internal proving ground* in the TRAPO pilot plant in which the trendsetting 24 volt technology was tested in roller conveyors verifies: Compared with 400V drive systems, employing TRAPO 24V technology saves 59 per cent energy.

*In test: unique to the sector TRAPO compared under real conditions not buffer areas and conveying technology with central drive but buffer buffer areas 24 DC with buffer areas 400AC. The actual consumed electrical power was measured.

On request also food-safe

All conveyors can be manufactured in our in-house high-grade steel production facility in a stainless version. For applications in high care- and wet-room areas protected systems are available for the motor rollers: optionally an IP66-certified seal (dust-tight and against high-pressure hose water) or a version for frozen applications up to -30˚C.

Your advantages

  • space-saving
  • protruding motor components belong to the past, as the motor roller replaces the conveyor roller
  • extendable by modules
  • energy-saving conveying
  • simple, quick installation, no specialist electricians required
  • whisper-quiet
  • low-maintenance and low wear
  • prompt product availability

Ideal area of application are buffer lines in which an optimum fill-level of the conveying line is to be reached in the waiting position.

With zero accumulation pressure, conveying goods are buffered which should not be subjected to any impact loads. For buffer line operation no drive is required. The drive of the zero accumulation pressure conveying technology can in the simplest of cases take place autonomously by means of the integrated logic and as such, completely without SPS.

TRAPO technology turns out to be a true heavyweight: proving grounds stand the test with double the weight of comparable competitive products - with up to 200 kilograms.

The roller conveyor systems are easily extendable by module. The innovative 24V technology is employed in belt conveyors and transfers at TRAPO AG.

The advantage of the Eco-Audit

The advantage of the Eco-Audit

Amp Miser ™ conveyor belts which actively save energy costs

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In the Eco-Audit-Process an organization discloses its environmental behaviour, checks and optimises. The goal is continuous improvement of the operational environmental protection.

An important contribution is made by the Amp Miser™ conveyor belts. The latest generation helps companies to actively save.

Characteristics of the Amp Miser™ conveyor belts

  • especially flexible, equipped with innovative sliding layer
  • energy saving
  • low drive capacity required
  • reduced noise emissions

Your benefits

  • reduced power consumption: up to 37% energy saving compared to traditional conveyor belts
  • low COemissions, declining operating costs
  • lower drive capacity guarantees longer conveying lines with just one drive
  • environmentally friendly thanks to low noise emission
Modular belt conveyor

Modular belt conveyor

From the smallest to the largest worldwide: modular conveyor systems.

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Modular belt conveyor – new standards in conveying technology

Set new standards with the new modular belt conveyor.

The so far already impressive TRAPO AG range is being further expanded through the development of a new conveyor.

At 10m wide and almost 100m long we have, in accordance with the chain supplier, built the world’s largest modular belt conveyor.

This type of modular belt conveyor is perfectly suited to application in flow production. The personnel accompany the components on the belt and assemble the products there in the flow. Through the flow production on the modular belt conveyor assembly is characterized by an optimal structure and transparency.

The assembly times become significantly shorter. Deadlines become easier to plan and secure. A further advantage of our large assembly belt lies in the simple material feed and in the simplified intralogistics planning.



If you don't need to just run in a straight line – our elements for corner transfers.

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Transfer tables – Innovation for rapid belt change

Save time with TRAPO.

The time periods within which investments need to pay for themselves become ever shorter.

It is therefore all the more important that machinery and conveyors function reliably and can be repaired most promptly in case of a malfunction.

These tasks are frequently complex where transfer tables are involved which often need to be largely dismantled. This ever more important requirement has been met by TRAPO AG by the development of a new transfer table.

This table can be integrated into many roller conveyors. As standard, this is featured as a flat-belt transfer table. The application of roller chains however is also possible. After loosening just 4 screws a conveying element can be dismantled.

The belt is automatically slackened by loosening the screws and can be removed without any further effort and be replaced by a new belt. The tension of the new belt is performed automatically by tightening the 4 screws. The screws are accessible from above and are driven into a sleeve.

All side roller conveyors

All side roller conveyors

Even swiftly convey the heaviest of payload weights.

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All side roller conveyors

All side roller conveyors — fast, even with heavy loads

All side roller conveyor for the rapid transport of payloads.

With the wide range of roller conveyors we offer our customers reliable systems that convince through speed and smooth operation.

Our product range includes all-side roller conveyors and tables made of painted steel or glass-bead blasted stainless steel. We offer a wide range of nominal widths so that the roller conveyors can be easily integrated into existing concepts. And our products offer flexibility: They are equipped with many options - for example, the all-side rollers and rails are also available separately — and can be varied by adding side frames, for example.

TRAPO's all-side-roller conveyors also transport heavy loads at high speed. Our products are characterized by speed and uniformity.

Discharge and distribution stations

Discharge and distribution stations

High-performance mechanics optimize economic goods handling.

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Discharge and distribution stations

Discharge and distribution stations — Moving goods economically

Reject and distribution stations optimize the handling of goods.

The TRAPO divert and distribution stations support the economic goods handling by powerful mechanics and high-quality production materials.

Our product portfolio includes belt conveyors, deflectors, chain diverters and transfer stations. The Belt Conveyor Deflector is pneumatically-swiveling and designed especially for fast and flexible transfer.

With our chain diverter, transports between two conveyor systems are realized gently and economically. The transfer stations are individually tailored to customer requirements. Here you can choose between roller or toothed belt conveyors.

We manufacture our products from high-quality materials, so that long life-cycle and efficiency are guaranteed. We use our experience and practical knowledge to advise you personally and individually.

Rotary and collection tables

Rotary and collection tables

We avoid
unscheduled intermediate stops.

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Rotary and collection tables

Rotary and collection tables — scheduled material flow

Rotate and collect for maximum efficiency.

With our rotating and collecting tables, unscheduled stops in the material flow are safely avoided and cycle differences are reliably compensated for.

Collect goods specifically and position them correctly: With the rotary and collection tables from our production, goods handling runs smoothly. We offer three different types which differ in speed setting and foot design.

Depending on the type, the speeds are either adjustable or constant. Diameter numbers from 800 to 1500mm and heights of minimum 400mm allow a great deal of freedom in the choice and in the integration into existing plants. For the smooth transport of your goods, we will be pleased to advise you on the selection of the appropriate rotary and collection table.

Belt conveyors

Belt conveyors

Reliable conveying technology on an endless belt; many-sided adaptability.

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Belt conveyors

Belt conveyors — for versatile use

Belt conveyor systems are assembled individually.

Our belt conveyor systems have been developed for the versatile conveying of goods and can be adapted to all sizes of companies thanks to many variants and the extensive range of accessories.

The TRAPO product range includes belt conveyors with different frame heights as well as cleated and telescopic designs. The systems are made of painted steel or glass-bead blasted stainless steel and are therefore extremely robust and durable.

Depending on the design, the drive is provided by head or centre drive, flange gear motor or worm gear. Supporting elements made of high-quality plastics and differently mounted drive and articulated drums offer high performance. To ensure that you receive the right product for your requirements, we manufacture our belt conveyor systems in many nominal widths and lengths.

High payloads of up to 600n/m can thus be transported in a completely tailored way.

Chain and belt conveyors

Chain and belt conveyors

Security in goods conveying even in critical environments

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Chain and belt conveyors

Chain and belt conveyors — little effort, strong performance

Chain and belt conveyors for reliable transport of goods.

Chain and belt conveyors from TRAPO are particularly reliable and robust conveyor systems that move even heavy goods in critical environmental conditions with little transport effort.

Our product range includes modular belts, conveyor chains, flat belts and accumulation chain conveyors. We offer 2- and multi-strand versions of toothed belt conveyors. With variously selectable modular belt and chain spacings, we design the system according to customer requirements.

The drive runs via head drive or reversible middle drive. The production materials of the chain and belt conveyors are of high quality and are processed by our employees with considerable technical know-how.

This results in conveyor systems that convey heavy goods in particular safely and economically.

Hinged belt conveyors

Hinged belt conveyors

We think around corners: with curved elements.

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Hinged belt conveyors

Hinged belt conveyors — Transport lines in a small space

Shorten transport distances with curved elements.

By using curved elements, we create transport lines without interruption — and thus particularly fast and effective conveyor systems for various goods.

TRAPO's curved elements are extremely versatile. We offer elements in degrees of 30, 45, 60, 90 and 180. The modular belt chains are made of durable plastics.

Bridges made of stainless steel guarantee longevity and robustness. Our product range includes modular belt conveyors with head or centre drive and curving slat-band chain conveyors.

Depending on your requirements, we create individual solutions for the effective transport of goods even on small areas.

Roller and vertical conveyors

Roller and vertical conveyors

Untirable load-carrier for various production levels.

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Roller and vertical conveyors

Roller and vertical conveyors (lifting devices)

Connect transport levels easily with vertical conveyors.

The optimal connection of different transport levels and the efficient use of higher storage areas are created by powerful vertical conveyors from TRAPO.

Vertical conveyor systems like the tact elevator were developed by us to efficiently meet high performance throughput. The conveyed parts are moved vertically in cycles so that containers can be removed and added at every break.

With single-chain conveyors and lifting stations we are expanding our portfolio in the vertical conveyor segment. Heavy and light designs enable the use of these conveyors to be tailored exactly to requirements.

Payloads up to 250kg are standard. We are also happy to manufacture individual vertical conveyors for higher payloads on request. Talk to us!

Conveyor technology: Success story All-side roller

Until today, the all-side roller can be found in many applications: TRAPO AG, for example, falls back on this outstanding development when presenting the OMNI CON® - and thus the use of the successful all-side roller in perfection. The OMNI CON® completes the overall portfolio for perfect material flow: With a maximum of flexibility, speed and precision, it moves objects simultaneously and yet independently of each other, in order to position them upstream of the high-performance layer palletizer HLP 6000 in a layer with any layer pattern in a product-friendly manner.

Also the Mecanum wheels of the Automated Guided Vehicles write another chapter of this success story: They enable the TRAPO Transport Shuttle to move in the direction of the surface and thus save space and time.

Operating autonomously: Advantages of the TRAPO Transport Shuttle

Operating autonomously: Advantages of the TRAPO Transport Shuttle

To meet the required flexibility in production and logistics, we are presenting our shuttle generation. As TRAPO Transport Shuttle (TTS series) and TRAPO Warehouse Shuttle (TWS series) the driverless transport systems can be used in combination: for precise, time-saving transfers and optimal use of the storage area.

The TTS can be configured according to a modular principle: Sizes, energy transmission and storage as well as drive and navigation can be combined as required. There is also the option of adding customer-specific superstructures, for example with a lifting function, conveyor systems or robots.

We are manufacturer of the largest conveyor belt

TRAPO AG's considerable range of products is decisively extended by the development of the modular belt conveyor.

With a width of 10m and a length of almost 100m we have built the largest modular belt conveyor in the world according to the chain supplier. This type of modular belt conveyor is ideally suited for use in a continuous production line. The employees travel on the belt and assemble the products in the flow.

Due to the assembly line production on the modular belt conveyor, the assembly receives an optimal structure and transparency. The assembly times are considerably shorter. Deadlines become easier and more reliable to plan. A further advantage of our large assembly line is the easier feeding of the material and the simplified planning in intralogistics.