Quality standards Certifications

Tasks/Goals of Quality Management

Experienced quality management steers all management, planning and control activities. TRAPO AG reduces these management tasks not to pure compliance with norms and regulations but lives? the organisationally-characterized dealings with highest quality demands in business procedures, departments and company culture.

Quality management was installed as early as 1996 and its development has been continued consistently ever since.

Environment- and Energy Management

Environmental- and Energy management at TRAPO AG is clearly defined: Our engineers consistently seek ways of developing long-lasting generations of products in robotics, automization and control technology, dealing economically with valuable raw materials in manufacturing and avoiding contaminated waste.

ISO 9001 was newly structured and the contents revised so that energy- and environment management norms can be optimally integrated.

The installation of the new Trafo station was concluded in November 2015, the final handover took place in December 2015. Since then the TRAFO station has been supplying fundamental data for energy management which will shape the future.


TRAPO AG received certifications for the area of Environmental- and Energy Management in 2007.

If we continue - thanks to strategic energy management - utilize energies sensibly, we actively save and simultaneously reinforce the competitiveness of our company.