Motto / Sustainability

Company culture

TRAPO AG's work serves humanity and the environment. At Gescher-Hochmoor excellent products and services are developed. The gentle handling of resources is taken for granted.

The open, authentic managerial style of the directors and managers shapes culture and success at TRAPO AG: with highest process-, product- and service quality, highly-motivated employee teams and extraordinary results. The potential of the people who work for TRAPO AG their competences and their passions are optimally employed.

TRAPO AG has been committed to consistent social responsibility for over 60 years: The assets of TRAPO AG are its employees. An environment was created in which - through conscious, always respectful interactio -, innovative thinking, team-player ability and human open-mindedness are promoted.

All TRAPO AG employees see themselves as being commited to sustainability and handle raw materials both responsibly and frugally. As a dependable partner, TRAPO AG's manner of operating is characterized by the goal of offering highest product quality and excellent service. This model gives TRAPO AG's employees, partners and customers orientation.


We proactively operate for the environment. On our road to success we act responsibly and protect valuable resources in production and administration. Ecological, responsible attitude, modern management methods and social commitment are the foundation of our management style.

We design workpieces and production lines in which we employ resource-caring drive technologies in the field of energy management and consciously manufacture building components from environmentally-caring materials.