Industriestrasse 1
48712 Gescher-Hochmoor, Germany

T +49 2863 2005-0

F +49 2863 4264

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Volker Kugel

Board of directors

Jörg Thomas

Head of Sales

Rafael Imberg

Head of Export

Dr. Stefan Kurtenbach

Technical Director Engineering Design/R&D

Christian Prinz

Head of Control Technology

Marcus Schulte

Head of IT

Markus Schultewolter

Technical Director

Hubertus Rensing

Commercial Director

Petra Poschadel-Babik

Head of Purchasing

Henning Schlüter

Head of Service

Thomas Kirchhoff

Northern Sales Office

Sandra Wehrhan

Central Western Sales Office

Josef Panzer

Southern Sales Office

Jörn Meißner

South/West Sales Office

Dominik Kuhr

Area Sales Manager

Karl Brüggemann

Project Management

Clemens Espendiller

Project Management

Ingo Fischer

Project Management

Wolfgang Kafke

Sales Spare-Parts

Peter Koppers

Sales Spare-Parts

Simon Lansing

Project Management

Christoph Otert-Enning

Project Management

Tim Schmitwilken

Projekt Management

Denis Steinhoff

Project Management

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