Process optimization, time savings and lower costs: The TRAPO Digital Hub digitalized workflows

At the latest, the pandemic has shown Intelligent networking will determine the future of the globalized world of work. This applies to all processes - from price negotiations and design approvals to FAT and services.

Digital transformation: connecting people, machines and markets

The goal of the TRAPO Digital Hub is to achieve significantly higher, more effective and secure processes in an automated environment with virtual processes for the customer. The TRAPO Digital Hub enables tasks to be tackled in parallel instead of sequentially — to provide facilities and services faster.

When a contract is signed, different processes can be optionally started: for example, training, real-time monitoring and services can be initiated.

One of the main focuses of our research and development center is digitalization. In developing and implementing the elements of the TRAPO Digital Hub, our teams of experts work together with world-renowned universities; online, of course.

With TIM®, pioneer of automated data collection, evaluation and plant control

We have been working with TIM®, the TRAPO Intelligent Management System, since 2018 and today we are pioneers of automated data collection, evaluation and system control. The transparency and almost unlimited analysis possibilities offered by a data management system such as TIM® are particularly recommended for globally operating companies: Thus, at any time, key figures can be collected from all plants across locations, evaluated comparatively, production can be controlled on the basis of real-time data and maintenance can be supported.


Digital Workflow by TRAPO

Digital Hub Point 1

Digital price negotiation

In dialog with our customers and suppliers, we use efficient, digital processes in price negotiations. This eliminates the need for long-distance travel and the time-consuming process of making appointments for face-to-face coordination cycles. With digital price negotiation, we save valuable time in finding contracts electronically. We use secure platforms for digital video conferencing.

Digital Hub Point 2

Digital contract signing & order confirmation

In a global world, we see it as a central task to fundamentally examine whether CO2 emissions from long-distance travel can be avoided. With the digital signing of contracts and order confirmation, we offer a modern, time- and resource-saving alternative. The "commercial handshake" is done by digital signature using user-defined and password-protected programs.

Digital Hub Point 3

3D design review meeting

Confidential conversations in protected video chat: Our specialists are at your side in virtual conferences. There we check and optimize the layouts and 3D models of the planned plant. In this way, solutions for individual tasks can be found in the planning phase — well before the physical implementation of production plants.

Digital Hub Point 4

Process simulation

Optimal production processes and shorter throughput times: We are able to digitally map all processes, relevant features and performance cycles of individual sequences up to the entire plant. Especially at time-critical interfaces, processes can be played through, compared and optimized in real time on the digital twin.

If desired, the customer can be sure that the animated process simulation will be accepted and the plant will be implemented in the agreed form on site, in a reduced time-frame. The overall objective is to achieve the customer's production specifications with a low investment.

Digital Hub Point 5

Remote FAT

Intelligent, cost-efficient and sustainable: As an alternative solution to personal commitment, we used the remote FAT for the first time in pandemic times.

In the past, factory acceptance tests were carried out on site in Gescher-Hochmoor before the plants were delivered. In future, FATs can be carried out remotely, with modern information technology replacing global travel.

Factory acceptance is supported by a web-based meeting platform, mobile cameras and hands-free remote collaboration tools that allow our project partners to perform all steps of the FAT.

Digital Hub Point 6

Remote commissioning

The virtual commissioning has convinced us and offers considerable savings’ potential for the customer: for example for travel and accommodation for service teams over several days. The TRAPO AG team joined us online and the system was put into operation jointly!
Andrej Makschakow, Managing Director of SWEMA

Cost savings and comfort for the customer: During remote-controlled commissioning, service tools support the team on site so that our customers and project partners can carry out all the steps required to put the machines into operation independently under guidance.

The advantages of remote control are not limited to commissioning, but can be extended to retrofit situations or repair scenarios.

Digital Hub Point 7

Virtual training

Optimally-trained operators contribute directly to the overall efficiency of the plant and optimized production rate.

During the virtual training, the participants immerse themselves in the simulated environment of the plant to be operated with VR glasses.

As TRAPO AG we develop step-by-step explanations, HMI simulation, training videos and the virtual inspection of individual components.

Digital Hub Point 8

Real time visualization & monitoring

Since 2018 we have been using TIM®, the TRAPO Intelligent Management System. TIM® visualizes, monitors and controls systems. Evaluations, status queries and production figures are provided user-dependently.

Thus, the management tool can be used for a sustainable optimization of the line.

Digital Hub Point 9

Maintenance support with digital shopping cart

Powerful ticket system in the form of an online transaction file for customer service & interaction. The service team of TRAPO AG receives inquiries and requests online; response and solution are also digital.

Digital Hub Point 10

Preventive maintenance support

Lower costs, optimal personnel planning and the minimization of downtime: This key innovation of TIM® enables predictive maintenance by specifying need-based maintenance work and care of technical equipment. The aim is to keep the entire plant in optimum operating condition and to prevent downtimes.

TRAPO AG's self-service portals provide access to the company's complex service knowledge via TIM®: online service documents, up-to-date manuals, FAQs and interactive instructions for the HMI operating level.

Spare parts can also be ordered by mouse click via the TIM® shopping cart.