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TRAPO AG presents digital cooperation 4.0. Secure Human-Robot Collaboration. Robots work as assistants to humans. Robots shape industrial vision 4.0 – they can however only implement their multi-layered tasks once they have learnt how to grip.

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Exactly these highly complex functions are developed, manufactured and programmed by TRAPO AG which is specialized in automation technology for key sectors of the future. In the 60th anniversary year, the company from Gescher-Hochmoor, Westphalia impressed interpack's international specialist audience through live interaction with the hot topic of human robot collaboration (MRK). "The trade fair result is extremely positive," knows Jörg Thomas, sales manager of TRAPO AG, thanks to numerous, concrete requests, also from international companies.

Robots with multifunctional or single-movement grippers act impressively fast, particularly precisely and exceptionally strongly - ones lifts heavy weight, others impress with exceptional sensitivity.

The perfect automation solutions from TRAPO AG are just as complex as the packaging solutions of different industries.

In doing so, the company reliably answers the special challenges within the logistics centers:

  • Restricted spatial circumstances
  • Variations of packed items to be gripped, surface characteristics, volume and weight
  • Short gripping times for economic automation solutions

Automated packing machines bundle the advantages of current drive technology, robotics and functional security as well as of image processing and IT networking.

At the same time, TRAPO AG optimally exploits the special abilities of man and machine within manufacturing. Thus, within the framework of Vision 4.0, safe collaboration of humans and robots was perfected. Presented at interpack: robots, whose action area was so far limited to special safety zones, on mobile tool carts, which can be docked at manual workstations as required. These assistance robots recognize people and "go hand in hand".

Two robots were in dialog with the trade fair audience. In a safety zone, a robot demonstrated to perfection its palletizing and depalletizing competence of cartons, buckets and small load carrier containers. The material was removed from an industrial pallet and placed on conveyor systems with 24V parking spaces. The buckets were stopped by a barrier on a roller conveyor, centered and then palletized again. A transfer station unloaded cartons and crates, centered them and, as a result, again made them available for palletizing.

A second, smaller robot, installed on a moving unit, initially operated within a safety fence area to accept a breakfast box from the large robot. With this, he left the safety zone and drove toward his workplace outside the safety fence, in order to load this can individually with precious food salts and recipes - according to the command of the visitor.

Each visitor, accompanied by an employee of the TRAPO team, can use a touch panel to give the command to load the can.

With this unusual give-away, TRAPO AG, as a specialist in conveyor technology, robotics and automation, demonstrated logistics expertise "Made in Germany".

Another highlight of interpack was 24 volt technology for safe transport of goods weighing up to 200kg. TRAPO's cutting-edge technology in roller conveyors, belt conveyors and transfers provides the highest performance: energy-saving, economical, easy to handle and ideal for a wide range of conveyed goods.

The product and service offered by TRAPO AG contributed significantly to the distinct differentiation of the specialist in conveyor technology, robot systems and automation - the interest of the trade fair audience was correspondingly high.